Live Arms and Armor Presentations

Free with Museum admission

The presenter displays a sword to a young boy

These interactive programs about different kinds of arms and armor used by knights and soldiers. Visit our calendar for the weekly schedule.

  • Arms and Armor Demonstrations (an “August Adventures” Free Friday program)
    Friday, August 13, 11am, 12:30pm, and 2pm
    Conference Room

    The knight in shining armor conjures a myriad of images and captures the imagination. While the Middle Ages lasted roughly one thousand years (500-1500 AD/CE), the steel plate armor associated with the knight was only in use from 1350 AD/CE onwards. What were the strengths of armor? What were its weaknesses? Learn about the arms and armor that were used by knights and soldiers of the past in this interactive program.
  • Medieval Men-at-Arms
    Saturday, July 17, 11:30am
    Saturday, August 28, 11:30am
    Stoddard Courtyard (or Conference Room if rain)
    The Company of the Wolfe Argent represents a company of Burgundian men-at-arms of the 15th century. Employing period clothing and weaponry, they offer a lively glimpse of arms and armor, society, and daily life in the late Middle Ages. (Recommended for school age children and older)
  • 17th Century Colonial Militia
    Saturday, July 31, 11:30am
    Saturday, August 14, 11:30am
    Stoddard Courtyard (or Conference Room if rain)
    The Salem Trayned Band is a re-enacting group that accurately recreates a 17th-century English colonial militia unit from Salem, Massachusetts. The militia organization in Salem dates back to 1628 AD/CE and was a continuation of typical European military practices of the day. Dressed in period clothing and equipped with historically correct arms and armor, the Salem Trayned Band will show you how our colonial ancestors defended themselves.
  • The Salem Trayned Band in action
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