Gifts of art

Since its founding in 1896, the Worcester Art Museum has grown to comprise over 38,000 objects. Dating from 3000 BCE to the present, the Worcester Art Museum’s collection connects and inspires visitors of all ages and abilities through first-hand experiences with works of art.

This expansive collection would not be possible without gifts of art. Gifts of art and funds for the purchase of art allow the Museum to continue building and enhancing its world-renowned collection—thus enriching our understanding of the past and present, and helping us imagine our future.

The Worcester Art Museum has an active program for acquiring works of art to enhance its collections such as a bequest or a promised gift. Because gifts of art require careful preparation, please contact us to ensure that the Museum can accept your gift. We will guide you through the process and provide answers to your appraisal and tax questions. Additionally, the department cannot conduct appraisals.

How to make a gift of art

Express your interest and provide photographs

Contact the Museum’s curatorial team at to tell us about the artwork(s), object(s), or collection that you wish to give. Please provide as much information as possible about the artwork, where it came from. Most importantly, include photographs!

Museum review

After we receive photographs and information, our curatorial team will determine whether WAM would be the right home for your work of art. We may follow up to ask for additional information. Please allow adequate time for a response!

Consult with your tax advisor or attorney

Make sure to consider different gift options and tax planning, as there are many ways to make a gift of art. We can provide various options, and we recommend that you consult with your tax advisor or attorney about your individual planning needs and current IRS requirements.

For more information, contact the Curatorial Department at