Darice Plumer '17

Darice Plumer

Darice Plumer

This last semester I have become very close to the Jackson Children. I've been carrying around their picture with me, wondering who they are in between researching the cycling craze and juggling my other four classes. I kept coming back to the Children, I carried the picture around with me everywhere I went. And yet I still have no idea who they are. The Jackson families have consumed my thoughts for a while, and while digging deeper into the their family trees and trying to see if these children could be the daughters of any of the Jacksons, I realized that we may never know. I've 'finished' this project with more questions than answers, but one of the most satisfying parts of the project was to know my work wasn't wasted. While talking to a possible descendants of the children, I learned that even though I may not know the exact origin of the girls, their picture and the stories of their possible families are a history that would otherwise be lost in time. In looking into the story of the unknown girls, we're looking into the history of Beaver Brook, and allowing the community to see a side of Worcester that may not have been available before. It's been frustrating, but worth rewarding.


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