2019 Summer Programs

Art Carts

A family take interest in an armor-themed an Art Cart

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Are you curious about the Museum's mosaics and how they came to WAM? What about those Greek gods and pottery? Are those busts what real Romans looked like? How did the seasons affect everyday life in early America? Touch materials, draw things, and discover the answers to these questions and more. Led by our knowledgeable—and fun!—educators, these lively gallery get-togethers are for all ages!

NEW! Art Cart: Chainmail Making

Salisbury Hall

Chainmail, or mail armor, was the original body protection for knights before the development of articulated plate armor in the 14th century. Mail armor is in fact the most widely used metal armor in human history. Learn all about this incredible metal fabric by making sections of mail armor using specially made plastic rings while examining steel examples. Ages 9 and up.

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