Hi, I'm Helmutt!

Who Am I?

The Helmutt statue at WAM

I'm a German Boar Hound and the Worcester Art Museum's mascot! You may have seen me before, because I spent the first years of my life living at Higgins Armory Museum. When the John Woodman Higgins Collection came to WAM, I came too!

I'm here all the time, so come find me the next time you're at WAM—that's the Museum's nickname. Do you have a nickname too?

Helmutt with a magnifying glass

Try to Find Me!

Now that my home is here at WAM, I'll continue the tradition of greeting folks at the Museum. I may even visit different works of art, especially those with other animals. See if you can find me each time you visit WAM!

Helmutt pointing

Ask Me a Question!

Do you have a question about the Museum? Ask me! Helmutt@worcesterart.org

Q: What is the really big sword in the Medieval Galleries?
A:The Bearing Sword was made in Passau, Germany around 1400-1500. This oversized, 7 foot, 14 3/4 pound sword is too big to be useful in battle. It is a ceremonial weapon, possibly carried by a royal bodyguard.

Q: "What's your favorite artwork at the Museum?"
A:The Remojadas animal head in the Pre-Columbian collection is my favorite because it looks like a ferocious dog.

Q: What was it like to move to WAM?
A: I LOVE it here! There's so much art to explore! I've also taken up drawing since I came to WAM. It's fun! Email me your own drawings, and I'll share them with my friends here!

Q: What kinds of things can kids do at WAM?
A: There's TONS to do at WAM! Visit the Medieval Galleries and see giant swords, suits of armor, and even stained glass windows that tell stories!

We also have lots of fun and interesting information about arms and armor – click here to learn more!

Children enjoy trying on armor at a WAM Art Cart

Draw Me!

A drawing of Helmutt by Lily

Have you drawn a picture of me or of the Worcester Art Museum? Send me your drawings at Helmutt@worcesterart.org and share them on social media! Ask an adult if you need help.

Here are some great drawings by friends of mine. They are pretty cool! Click each one to make it bigger.

My Activity Sheets

Click on a picture below to download it. Then print it and color me in!

WAM's mascot 'Helmutt' standing ready to bat, dressed in a 'WooSox' baseball uniform

Our exhibition The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion featured over 35 historic and contemporary baseball jerseys and baseball-inspired fashion.

Download our FREE app to design one-of-a-kind jerseys for WAM's mascot, Helmutt!

Thanks for Visiting!


Come back again soon!

- Helmutt

Helmutt's paw print