Adult winter classes

Course nameDayStart dateEnd dateStart timeEnd timeInstructorCost
Art History
24AWHST330 – ONLINE A History of Black American Artists from Joshua Jackson to Mickalene ThomasThu2/1/20242/8/202410:00 AM11:30 AMMartha Chiarchiaro$30.00
24AWHST331 – ONLINE Women Painters of the 17th CenturyThu3/7/20243/14/202410:00 AM11:30 AMMartha Chiarchiaro$30.00
24AWCAL701 – ONLINE CalligraphyWed1/24/20243/13/202410:00 AM1:00 PMCJ Kennedy$255.00
24AWCAL702 – ONLINE CalligraphyWed1/24/20243/13/20246:00 PM9:00 PMCJ Kennedy$255.00
24AWDRW410 – Pastel DrawingTue1/23/20244/2/202410:00 AM1:00 PMElla Delyanis$265.00
24AWDRW240 – The Documentary SketchbookWed1/24/20244/3/20241:00 PM4:00 PMYetti Frenkel$255.00
24AWDRW320 – Life DrawingWed1/24/20243/20/20241:00 PM4:00 PMLisa Montanaro$340.00
24AWDRW120 – Beginning DrawingWed1/24/20244/3/20246:00 PM9:00 PMElla Delyanis$265.00
24AWDRW703 – ONLINE Beginning/Intermediate DrawingThu1/25/20243/28/202410:00 AM12:00 PMScott Nelson$255.00
24AWDRW330 – Expressive JournalingThu1/25/20244/4/202410:00 AM1:00 PMPatti Kelly$255.00
24AWDRW550 – Life Drawing from Models IISat1/27/20244/6/20241:00 PM4:00 PMSusmita Bandopadhyay$340.00
24AWDRW610 – Expressive Head and HandsSun1/28/20244/7/202410:00 AM12:30 PMYetti Frenkel$300.00
Drawing and Painting
24AWDAP702 – ONLINE Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil, & Watercolor MediaWed1/24/20243/27/202410:00 AM12:00 PMScott Nelson$255.00
24AWDAP280 – Animals in Many MediaWed1/24/20244/3/20245:00 PM8:00 PMYetti Frenkel$255.00
24AWDAP510 – Symbolism of the SelfSat1/27/20244/6/202410:00 AM12:30 PMDavid White$240.00
Mixed Media
24AWMXD700 – ONLINE Abstract Mixed Media ArtTue1/23/20243/26/202410:00 AM1:00 PMPatti Kelly$290.00
24AWMXD711 – ONLINE Collaged Sketch to Finished PaintingTue2/6/20242/13/20242:00 PM5:00 PMNan Hass Feldman$65.00
24AWMXD230 – Color and Composition StudioWed1/24/20244/3/20241:00 PM4:00 PMDavid White$255.00
24AWMXD320 – Collage for Landscape and Still LifeThu1/25/20244/4/20242:00 PM5:00 PMJill Pottle$255.00
24AWMXD620 – ART RETREAT: A Studio Sampler Experience!Sat4/20/20244/21/202410:00 AM3:00 PMPatti Kelly$100.00
24AWMXD540 – Political ArtSat1/27/20244/6/20241:00 PM4:00 PMDavid White$255.00
24AWPNT710 – ONLINE WatercolorTue1/23/20243/26/20249:00 AM12:00 PMScott Nelson$255.00
24AWPNT120 – Watercolor PaintingTue1/23/20244/9/20242:00 PM4:00 PMEllen Donaldson$200.00
24AWPNT130 – Acrylic PaintingTue1/23/20244/2/20242:30 PM5:30 PMJill Pottle$255.00
24AWPNT420 – Structure in PaintingWed2/7/20243/27/202410:00 AM1:00 PMRandy LeSage$200.00
24AWPNT270 – Chinese Brush Painting: Stylistic InspirationWed3/6/20244/10/20246:00 PM9:00 PMBayda Asbridge$220.00
24AWPNT330 – Creating AbstractsThu1/25/20243/7/20243:30 PM6:00 PMSue Dion$175.00
24AWPNT340 – Realism in Oil PaintingThu1/25/20244/4/20246:00 PM9:00 PMDavid White$255.00
24AWPNT350 – Chinese Brush Painting: Lotus to BirdsThu1/25/20242/15/20246:00 PM9:00 PMBayda Asbridge$105.00
24AWPNT520 – Basics of Painting in Acrylic and OilsSat1/27/20244/13/202410:00 AM1:00 PMJill Pottle$255.00
24AWMXD530 – WORKSHOP: Wet Mounting Brush PaintingsSat4/20/20244/20/202412:00 PM4:00 PMBayda Asbridge$65.00
Photography & Videography
24AWPHT530 – Advanced Photography Concepts: Portfolio Building SkillsSat1/27/20244/6/202410:00 AM3:00 PMKatie Doyle$350.00
24AWCMP620 – iPhone VideographySun1/28/20244/7/202410:00 AM1:00 PMRichard Hoyer$255.00
24AWPRT860 – WORKSHOP One Day Etching with RembrandtSat2/3/20242/3/202410:00 AM4:00 PMRandy LeSage$95.00
24AWPRT320 – Nature in PrintmakingWed2/7/20243/27/20242:00 PM5:00 PMRandy LeSage$200.00
24AWPRT360 – Softground EtchingThu3/7/20243/28/20246:00 PM9:00 PMRandy LeSage$175.00
24AWSCL630 – Beginning MosaicsSun1/28/20244/7/20241:00 PM4:00 PMYetti Frenkel$310.00
Special Offerings
24AWMXD740 – A Yoga Journey @ WAMTue1/23/20244/2/20244:00 PM5:00 PMLoren Magruder$150.00
24AWMXD150 – Yoga and Creative ExpressionTue1/23/20244/2/20245:30 PM7:30 PMLoren Magruder$255.00
24AWMXD900 – Open Studio for Drawing, Painting, and Mixed MediaWed, Thu, Fri1/24/20244/5/202410:00 AM4:00 PMNone$150.00
24AWMXD704 – ONLINE Studio InvitationalFri1/26/20243/29/20249:00 AM12:00 PMScott Nelson$255.00
24AWWRT160 – Writer’s Workshop: The Other Side of the StoryTue1/23/20244/2/20246:00 PM9:00 PMJames Beschta$255.00
24AWWRT720 – ONLINE Novella in Flash Part 2: Writer?s WorkshopWed1/31/20243/13/20246:00 PM8:30 PMLaurel King$185.00