Adult summer classes

Course nameDayStart dateEnd dateStart timeEnd timeLevelInstructorCost
May & June Workshops        
24ASWAT51 – Advanced Watercolor WorkshopsSat5/18, 6/15, 7/20, & 8/10 11:00 am3:00 pmADVSue Dion$50 each or $180 for all
24ASMXD61 – Weaving Workshop SeriesSun, Sat, Sun6/2, 6/15, & 6/30 12:00 pm4:00 pmBEG/NOVBayda Asbridge$80 each or $200 for all
24ASDRW21 – Two Days of Portrait DrawingWed & Thu6/26/20246/27/202410:00 am4:00 pmNOVRandy LeSage$135.00
24ASWAT52 – Explore Watercolors WorkshopSat & Sun5/18/20245/19/202410:00 am3:00 pmBEG/NOVPatti Kelly$160.00
Week-Long Intensives        
24ASDAP01 – Intensive Painting/Drawing Workshop – Week 1Mon7/8/20247/12/202410:00 am3:30 pmALLPatti Kelly$250.00
24ASDAP02 – Intensive Drawing/Painting Workshop – Week 2Mon7/15/20247/19/202410:00 am3:30 pmALLPatti Kelly$250.00
24ASMXD01 – Papermaking and Relief PrintmakingMon7/15/20247/19/202410:00 am3:30 pmNOVRandy LeSage$290.00
24ASDRW01 – Learning to Draw in Multiple MediumsMon7/22/20247/26/202410:00 am1:00 pmBEG/NOVJill Pottle$165.00
24ASPNT01 – Begin–or Return–to PaintingMon7/29/20248/2/202410:00 am1:00 pmBEG/NOVJill Pottle$165.00
24ASWAT01 – Plein Air WatercolorMon8/12/20248/16/202410:00 am1:00 pmALLTom Grady$165.00
24ASDRW02 – Portrait Drawing IntensiveMon8/12/20248/16/20242:00 pm5:00 pmNOVTom Grady$215.00
July-August Workshops        
24ASDRW21 – Drawing MeditationWed7/10/20247/31/20245:30 pm8:30 pmALLEric Rasmussen$135.00
24ASPRT11 – Softground Etching WorkshopTue8/13/20248/15/202410:00 am4:00 pmINTRandy LeSage$220.00
24ASPNT51 – Natural Light & Beauty En Plein AirSat8/3/20248/4/202410:00 am4:00 pmBEG/NOVJill Pottle$135.00
24ASCAL18 – CalligraphyTue5/7/20246/25/20245:00 pm8:00 pmALLCJ Kennedy$240.00
24ASDRW11 – ONLINE Intermediate DrawingTue5/7/20246/25/20249:00 am12:00 pmINTScott Nelson$200.00
24ASDRW13 – Pastel DrawingTue5/7/20246/18/202410:00 am1:00 pmNOV/INTElla Delyanis$225.00
24ASDRW24A – Life Drawing in May & JuneWed5/8/20246/12/20241:00 pm4:00 pmNOVLisa Montanaro$230.00
24ASDRW24B – Life Drawing in July & AugustWed7/10/20248/14/20241:00 pm4:00 pmNOVLisa Montanaro$230.00
24ASDRW27 – Drawing IIWed5/8/20246/12/20246:00 pm9:00 pmNOV/INTElla Delyanis$195.00
24ASDRW37 – Beginning Drawing FundamentalsThu5/9/20246/27/20245:00 pm8:00 pmBEG/NOVAnabel Hadad$240.00
24ASDRW61 – Expressive Head and HandsSun6/2/20248/4/202410:00 am12:30 pmNOV-ADVYetti Frenkel$285.00
Drawing and Painting        
24ASDAP35 – Relax, Draw, and PaintThu5/16/20247/25/20241:00 pm4:00 pmNOVSusmita Bandopadhyay$260.00
Fashion/Fiber Arts        
24ASFSH29 – Trash to Treasure: Fashion from Upcycled MaterialsWed6/26/20248/14/20246:00 pm9:00 pmALLGuest Faculty Stevie Leigh$235.00
Mixed Media        
24ASMXD12 – ONLINE Abstract Mixed MediaTue5/7/20246/25/202410:00 am1:00 pmNOVPatti Kelly$200.00
24ASMXD15 – For Landscape’s Sake: Revitalizing Landscape Through AbstractionTue5/7/20246/25/20243:00 pm6:00 pmNOVAnabel Hadad$240.00
24ASMXD23 – Contemporary PracticeWed5/15/20247/31/20241:00 pm4:00 pmINTDavid White$260.00
24ASMXD32 – Creative Art JournalingThu5/9/20246/27/202410:00 am1:00 pmALLPatti Kelly$240.00
24ASMXD34 – An Exploration of Folk Art through Mixed MediaThu5/9/20246/27/20241:00 pm4:00 pmBEG/NOVAnabel Hadad$240.00
24ASMXD36 – Color for ArtistsThu5/23/20246/27/20243:30 pm6:00 pmNOVSue Dion$165.00
24ASPNT14 – Beginning AcrylicTue5/7/20246/18/20242:30 pm5:30 pmBEGJill Pottle$210.00
24ASPNT22 – Outdoor Watercolor and Gouache PaintingWed5/8/20246/12/202410:00 am1:00 pmINTRandy LeSage$180.00
24ASPNT26 – Oil Painting and Color Theory for BeginnersWed5/8/20246/26/20246:00 pm9:00 pmBEG/NOVAnabel Hadad$225.00
24ASPNT51 – Acrylic and Oil PaintingSat5/11/20246/29/202410:00 am1:00 pmNOV/INTJill Pottle$225.00
24ASPNT52 – The Figure as it Moves through Time: A Painting IntensiveSat5/11/20246/29/202412:00 pm4:00 pmINT/ADVAnabel Hadad$275.00
24ASWAT21 – ONLINE Beginning WatercolorWed5/8/20246/26/20249:00 am12:00 pmBEGScott Nelson$175.00
24ASWAT31 – ONLINE: Intermediate WatercolorThu5/9/20246/27/20249:00 am12:00 pmINTScott Nelson$200.00
24ASABP28 – Asian Brush: Domestic and Wild CatsWed5/8/20246/26/20246:00 pm8:30 pmNOVBayda Asbridge$180.00
24ASPNT180 – Chinese Brush PaintingTue7/9/20248/6/20246:00 pm9:00 pmBEGBayda Asbridge$165.00
24ASMXD38 – Intro to BasketryThu5/23/20246/27/20245:00 pm9:00 pmNOVBayda Asbridge$285.00
24ASSCL33 – Intro to SculptureThu5/16/20247/25/202410:00 am1:00 pmBEGDavid White$280.00
24ASSCL62 – Beginning MosaicsSun6/2/20248/4/20241:00 pm4:00 pmBEG-INTYetti Frenkel$285.00
24ASSPL16 – A Yoga Journey @ WAMTue5/7/20246/25/20244:00 pm5:00 pmALLLoren Magruder$200.00
24ASSPL17 – Yoga and Creative ExpressionTue5/7/20246/25/20245:30 pm7:30 pmALLLoren Magruder$250.00
24ASSPL41 – ONLINE: Studio InvitationalFri5/10/20246/28/20249:00 am12:00 pmRestricted to past studentsScott Nelson$200.00
24ASWRT19 – Writer’s Workshop: The Stories We TellTue5/7/20246/25/20246:00 pm9:00 pmALLJames Beschta$240.00
24ASWRT25 – ONLINE: Get in Shape for Summer: An Exercise-filled Writing WorkshopWed6/5/20246/26/20246:00 pm8:30 pmNOV/INTLaurel King$85.00