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  • Worcester Art Museum Oral History Films

    As a part of the Kennedy to Kent State: Images of a Generation project, the Worcester Art Museum partnered with the Worcester Historical Museum and the Worcester Women’s History Project to produce a series of interviews with people whose lives were impacted by the 1960s and 1970s. A collaborative team of curators, historians and educators identified individuals within the Worcester community (and beyond) whose stories related to both the time period and the culture displayed in  the Kennedy to Kent State photographs.

    Each week during the exhibition, WAM will post a new interview. All of the interviews will be archived here for the run of the exhibition.

    See the full-length interviews at the Worcester Historical Museum's exhibit: Worcester in the 60's

    Films produced by Pagano Media

    Week 19

    Ogretta McNeil

    A member of the College of the Holy Cross Faculty in the 1960s

    Week 18 Part 2

    Dorista Goldsberry

    Reflections on the Civil Rights movement, and her own experiences with racism

    Week 18 Part 1

    Rev. Richard Wright

    Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Worcester

    Week 17

    Erwin 'Dusty' Miller

    Participated in the Selma-to-Montgomery, Alabama voting rights march on March 25, 1965, led by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior.

    Week 16 Part 2

    Howard Johnson

    A Worcester artist whose work is in the collection of the Worcester Art Museum.

    Week 16 Part 1

    Bill Densmore

    Reflections on the Vietnam war and the protests around it

    Week 15

    Phyllis Estus

    Political activist, church choir director, and college administrator in Worcester

    Week 14

    Harry Dewey

    Reflections on the Worcester Auditorium as a music venue in the 60s

    Week 13

    Bob Achorn

    Former Worcester Telegram Publisher reflects on Kennedy's assassination.

    Week 12

    Allen Fletcher

    Allen Fletcher reflects on "a time of confusion."

    Week 11

    Van Aroian

    Formerly of the Worcester Redevelopment Authority

    Week 10

    John Anderson

    Former mayor of Worcester

    Week 9 Part 2

    Michael True

    Former Professor at Assumption College

    Week 9 Part 1

    Frank Kartheiser

    Co-founder of the Mustard Seed soup kitchen

    Week 8

    Geof Booth

    Served in Vietnam

    Week 7 Part 2

    Ben Perry

    Served in Vietnam

    Week 7 Part 1

    Phil Madio

    Board President of the Worcester Vietnam Memorial

    Week 6 Part 2

    Betsy Johnson

    Betsy Johnson, wife to an OB in Worcester in the 1960s, reflects on how controversial birth control was during that era.

    Week 6 Part 1

    Suzanne St. Pierre

    Covering three decades of news, Suzanne St. Pierre built her career as a producer for newsmagazines, including over fifty segments of 60 Minutes.

    Week 5 Part 2

    Ginny Ryan

    Woodstock Music Festival attendee

    Week 5 Part 1

    Ed Madaus

    Co-owner of the Comic Strip music club

    Week 4 Part 2

    Walter Crockett

    Worcester musician

    Week 4 Part 1

    John Goldsberry

    Music fan in the 1960s

    Week 3

    Jerry Lembcke

    Author of The Spitting Image: Myth, Memory, and the Legacy of Vietnam and Hanoi Jane

    Week 2

    Terri Priest

    Painter and Art Educator

    Week 1

    David Acton

    Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photography at Worcester Art Museum