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    Make Something Great!

    Over 1,200 youth annually attend art classes at the Worcester art museum. Classes combine looking at over 50 centuries of art in the museum galleries with art-making experiences in the museum studios. Our philosophy places value on the process of creating art and learning to think and respond creatively. We provide an environment where students can explore other cultures through our outstanding collection of artworks from antiquities to contemporary art. Students will have the opportunity to try new materials and gain self-confidence. All youth, not just those with perceived talents, benefit from working with art materials and learning about self - expression.

    All materials are supplied for our youth class program. If you need help finding the right class the registration staff are happy to assist you. The best way to reach us is by email at transactions@worcesterart.org; your question will be forwarded to the person or department most appropriate to answer your question.

    For your scheduling convenience, 5 and 10 week options are available for most youth classes.

    For information about youth scholarships, please visit our Scholarships page.

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    Ages 3-5 w/adult

    These classes introduce young children to art materials and new experiences through studio activities, games, and stories. Required parent / guardian participation reinforces communication skills and assists children in developing motor skills. Shared and individual activites help children gain self-confidence as adults model life-long learning habits. These classes require one adult (guardian) per child enrolled.

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    Ages 5-7 

    Students are exposed to a broad range of ideas and art forms through medium-specific classes such as sculpture and painting, as well as through theme-based classes. Emphasis is on self-expression and experimentation.

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    Ages 8-10 & 11-13 

    Confidence in creativity and technical skills is strengthened through medium-specific courses. Projects focus on developing observational and technical skills as well as furthering the student's ability to think independently.

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    Browse / register for courses Ages 11-13

    Ages 14-17 

    Projects and critiques continue to help develop technical skills and support the student's ability to make personal decisions about expression, style, and content. Assistance in developing a portfolio or selecting a class is available.

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    Vacation Week Workshops

    Ages 3-17

    School's out? Art's in! Join us for our vacation week workshops.

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