Flora in Winter 2024: Floral designs in public spaces

1. Sally Jablonski, Herbert E. Berg Florist, Inc.

Worcester, MA


Flowers came in direct from Hilo, Hawaii, shipped Friday and at my door Monday morning. I am using an assortment of tropical flowers and yellow heliconia for my focal point. Arrangements will complement the mural above.

2. Lisa Cohen

Greater Boston Area

3. Shrewsbury Garden Club

Shrewsbury, MA



Worcester, MA


@sparkleonpark on Instagram

Arrangement Titles: New Beginnings and Love Blooms in Worcester

Embrace the beauty of nature and fresh starts through innovative floral designs created by the Sparkle Team. All SPARKLE floral arrangements were created, curated and designed by Ari Phillippi, Marianne Burke, Schuyler Edwardsen Asbahi, and Samantha Callery.

5. Sparrow Lane

Northborough, MA


@sparrowlanerentals on Instagram

Arrangement Title: Evening Soiree

The inspiration for our dinner party tablescape came from the color lilac. The soft, dreamy aura of lilac, accompanied by various blue hues creates a serene visual effect. This peaceful setting sets the stage for an enchanting evening soiree.

6. West Concord Green Thumbs

Concord, MA


As flower lovers and art aficionados, we thought providing a flower arrangement for Flora in Winter would be a great opportunity for our garden club. In choosing a location in the Museum for our flower arrangement, we were also inspired by the beautiful architecture and stairways. We are very happy to be part of this community.

7. Blush and Bloom

Lynn, MA


@blushandbloomfloraldesign on Instagram

Arrangement Title: Year of the Barbie

8. Juju Lem Pang and Carol Shapanka (Sudbury Garden Club)

Sudbury, MA


Arrangement Title: Becoming Spring

In a few short weeks, we will be welcoming spring. Our attention will turn from the bare winter landscape to the awakening of flowering bulbs and perennials in our gardens. The colors, texture, and design of this arrangement brings hope, renewal, and welcome to a new season. We hope that when you look at Becoming Spring, you will feel the same.

9. Seed to Stem

Worcester, MA

@seedtostem on Instagram

10. Rosie Raskin

Worcester, MA

@raskinrosie on Instagram

Cut flowers are a fickle medium; they are both alive and dead when enjoyed at their peak. Their beauty is found not only as they grow but also when they fade as they are enjoyed in the vessel.

This arrangement is inspired by my surroundings. The tonal and textural palette is suggestive of a barren winter landscape and the hints of warmth remind that spring will soon return.

I chose these hydrangeas specifically because they maintain their beauty as they begin to dry.

The toffee-colored Roses and the Lisianthus work in tonal tandem, as do the orchids that also denote a seasonal change. The Scabiosa pods are reminiscent of naked trees and the dark leathery Cala Lilies are a striking juxtaposition against the muted and frilly flowers. The asymmetry of the design draws your eye in and around the arrangement, thereby providing a different emphasis at every angle.

Sponsored by Central Mass Chabad

11. Robin Van Liew & Samantha Ho, Ohara School of Ikebana Massachusetts

Worcester, MA


12. Mugford’s Flower Shoppe

Westborough, MA


13. Russell Bowers (Boston Ikebana and Ohara School Boston)



Arrangement Title: A Design Inspired by Ohara Ryu Traditional Method

This exquisite design pays homage to the revered Ohara school of ikebana, rooted in a tradition crafted over a century ago. As you stroll through the scenery, you’re captivated by a mesmerizing garden tableau, where vibrant plant materials and delicate spring blooms gracefully unfurl, breathing life into the serene landscape before you.

14. Mary B. Hayes / Semper Virens Flowers

Chelmsford, MA


@sempervirensflowers on Instagram

Arrangement Title: Suspended Flowers

This is a hanging installation that uses flowers that will dance around a bit and dry beautifully.

15. Peppers Artful Events

Northborough, MA


@peppersartfulevents on Instagram

This tablescape is a nod to spring in Italy, with bright fabrics, place setting, and a fun faux cake, complete with faux lemons. Each place setting has a faux lemon on top of the napkin. The equipment is from Peak Event Services, and the cake is from our own Lisa Clark, Executive Pastry Chef.

16. Struck Catering

Worcester, MA


17. Brie Swenson, Senior Event Planner – New Business Development at P.S. Event Rentals

Shrewsbury, MA


18. Linda Turgeon, Designing for Perro’s Flower Shop

Worcester, MA


Arrangement Title: Creating Inner Peace

19. Winter House Flowers

Holden, MA

@winterhouseflowers on Instagram

  • Providing detailed, personally inspired floral design for individual arrangements as well as events.
  • Specializing in painterly design, particularly striving to use locally sourced floral material  
  • Stay social on Instagram and Facebook for workshops and floral bar times
  • Design consults are available by appointment through direct message, as well as order placement on Instagram and Facebook
  • Member of the Worcester Garden club, whose mission helps raise environmental awareness

20. Sir Loin Catering

Northborough, MA