Arms and Armor Galleries in the Making



A suit of armor on display in a European art gallery

As the Museum prepares to open its new Arms and Armor Galleries in late 2025, you are invited to preview the project and share your experience. Try on a gauntlet, heft a sword, and view dozens of objects in “open storage” on Level 1. On Level 2, compare helmets and suits of armor from across history and around the globe, and feel the weight of a 4,000-year-old ancient Egyptian axe. And on Level 3, visit the Jeppson Idea Lab for a look at arms and armor conservation in action, where you will learn how these objects are handled and prepared for exhibition.

There is more coming soon in late 2025. Learn about the upcoming Arms and Armor Galleries. 

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Selected images


Meet Jon Litwin, an expert mountmaker from Rhode Island. We got a behind-the-scenes look at Jon’s studio, process, and mounts as he prepares for the new Arms and Armor Galleries at the Worcester Art Museum.
Bill MacMillan, Project Conservator of Arms and Armor, is in residence in the Jeppson Idea Lab, where you can watch him hard at work getting everything ready for our upcoming Arms and Armor Galleries.
Learn about John Woodman Higgins and the history of the Higgins Armory Collection.