Studio Class Policies

Student Expectations

The Worcester Art Museum is dedicated to providing a fun, safe, welcoming space for all who wish to engage with the arts.

  • Students will respect the Museum’s buildings, galleries, and collection.
    • Actions not tolerated include defacing Museum property by means of destructive or additive mark-making, touching art or interacting with gallery art inappropriately, and/or breaking Museum Property.
  • Students will treat themselves and others respectfully.
    • This includes being accepting of others regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, language, origin, gender, culture, sexual orientation, religion, or other ways in which people differ from each other. We expect our students to be open to learning, use inclusive language, practice patience with each other, and use helpful and kind words toward oneself and others.
  • Students will respect the studio spaces, tools, and materials provided by WAM for learning.
    • This includes practicing proper care and cleaning of the tools and spaces you have used and utilizing materials efficiently and without waste.
  • Students will arrange their own transportation and arrive and depart on time.
    • Faculty will not be able to catch-up students arriving late to class.
    • Staff are not allowed to provide transportation for students. Students are discouraged from asking other students for transportation to or from class.

Student Policies

Phone Policy

Students will not use their personal phones during class in any way that disturbs other students, staff, or the atmosphere of learning. If you need to take a phone call or video call during class time, remove yourself from the studio or area the class is occupying to hold your conversation.

Learning Accommodations

Students who would benefit from an aide or translator are welcome to have a caregiver, translator, or aide accompany them to class, free of charge. If a student is attending class without an aide, we are happy to work to develop a learning plan and exercise it within our abilities. Please answer the appropriate student information questions upon registration and staff will reach out.

Behavior Policy

To maintain a positive learning environment, we expect students to make positive behavior choices. These choices include respecting the faculty and staff and following their directions, using tools and materials appropriately, using inside voices, and not engaging in rough play. If a student’s behavior becomes physically or emotionally destructive or threatening to themselves or others, or causes prolonged, significant impact on the rest of the class, the Museum will require a parent, caretaker, or aide to accompany the student to all future classes. Should the student’s behavior when accompanied still not meet the behavior policy, we reserve the right to withdraw the student from class and place a hold on future classes until a safe, effective path can be determined.

Toileting Policy

All students attending classes are expected to take care of all their own toileting and/or dressing needs. WAM staff are not permitted to assist students in the bathrooms in any way. If a student is found to be unable to perform their own self-care regarding to toileting, the Museum will require a caregiver or aide to be on-site to assist with these needs.

Bullying Prevention

The Museum does not tolerate bullying. Bullying is defined by WAM as an inter-relational dynamic that is significantly unbalanced where one party intentionally causes physical, mental, or emotional harm to another through physical altercation, direct threats, the use of slurs or other inappropriate language, disturbing another’s property or belongings, or inciting others to do any of these same actions. Individuals who are bullying others will be withdrawn from class(es) and not allowed back into the same or future classes for a time period determined by Museum staff.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Students are expected to treat fellow students and staff with respect. The Museum defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, requests of favors of a sexual nature, or any other action of a sexual nature that causes physical, mental, or emotional distress to another. Individuals who sexually harass another person will be withdrawn from class(es) and not allowed back into the same or future classes. If necessary, we will inform the appropriate authorities.

Class Policies


Spray paints, fixatives, and aerosols are prohibited in adult and youth classes. We recommend the use of non-toxic no odor solvents such as Gamsol; ask your instructor for more information.

Adult Classes: Please check the course online for a supply list and bring any appropriate supplies you already have to the first class. Instructors will go over specific supply lists during the first class.

Youth and Teen Classes: All materials are provided for youth and teen classes.

Student Property

The Worcester Art Museum is not responsible for materials left on the premises.

Registration Deadline

All classes need to meet a minimum enrollment of students to run. Due to this minimum the registration deadline for each class is 5 days before class begins. If a class has not met minimum enrollment five days before class is scheduled to start, we reserve the right to cancel class and will provide a 100% refund.

Class Cancellations and Course/Schedule Changes

The Worcester Art Museum reserves the right to cancel any under-enrolled course, restrict the registration in a course, change instructors when necessary, and reschedule individual classes as needed and appropriate. If the Museum finds it necessary to cancel courses or make schedule changes, every effort will be made to notify registered students.

Student Withdrawal

The Museum depends upon student tuition to support offering classes and workshops.

  • 14+ days out – A 100% refund will be granted for any withdrawal request received in writing 14 or more days before the start of class.
  • 6 to 13 days out – A 90% refund will be granted for any withdrawal request received in writing 6 to 13 days before the start of class.
  • Less than 6 days out – A 50% refund will be granted for any withdrawal request received in writing less than 6 days before the start of class.
  • After the beginning of class – No refunds offered. WAM reserves the right to grant individual credits toward future classes.

Student Absences

Class tuition will not be prorated due to planned or unexpected absence(s). Individual makeup sessions will not be scheduled, and you may not attend another class to make-up your absence. Faculty are not expected to hold individual demonstration, critique, Q&A, or instruction sessions in person, virtually, via email, or phone with students who have been absent. Faculty communication outside of class is at their own discretion.

Museum Entrances and Accessibility

Classes are located in the Higgins Education Wing which is accessible through the Lancaster Street entrance. Wheelchair and handicapped access is available on Lancaster street via the elevator to the left of the stairs. Please let us know if you have any mobility needs or concerns when you register. Free Museum parking is available on Salisbury, Lancaster, and Tuckerman Streets.

Photography Policy

From time to time our in-house photographers and members of the news media take pictures of students participating in classes and programs, as well as their artwork, which may be reproduced for promotional purposes. If you prefer that you or your family member not be photographed, please inform the photographer.

If we have used a photo or video of you that you would prefer not be used, please contact us by email at and request that we remove the image. We will be happy to take the photo or video down from our website and not use the photo in future print publications. Please be sure to fully describe the page and image, so we can identify it correctly.

Youth Classes and Dismissal

Students of 12 years of age and younger must be picked up from the Lancaster lobby by an adult at dismissal. Students 13 years of age and older are allowed to leave the Museum unaccompanied.

Students are not allowed to leave early from class without a written parent release form filed with Studio Classes staff.

Parents and guests must wait in the Lancaster Lobby or the Museum galleries during their child’s class, unless the student is registered in a parent/child class, where one adult can accompany the student to class.

For the protection of all students, only registered students and staff-approved aides are allowed to accompany students into the studios and galleries, regardless of WAM membership status.

Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy

The Worcester Art Museum’s Studio Class Program keeps the safety of its students and faculty at the forefront of our minds when it comes to traveling in inclement weather.

We reach out individually to all affected students via the email in your student record if a class is cancelled; please call or email us at or 508.793.4333 to update or confirm your current contact information. Please note, our class cancellations will not be broadcast on any television stations.

You may also find out about WAM class cancellation on:

The decision to cancel a class due to inclement weather will be made as soon as possible; no later than:

  • 7:30AM for a Morning Classes
  • 11AM for Afternoon Classes
  • 4PM for Evening Classes

MAKE-UP CLASSES: WAM will guarantee that the first 2 classes cancelled by WAM due to inclement weather will be made up. Make-up classes for subsequent weather cancellations will be scheduled as possible. Make-up classes will be scheduled on the same day of week and at the same time as the normally held classes during the weeks following the planned end of class. Make-up classes are not offered to individuals who choose not to attend a class that was held for any reason, including travel conditions. Students may not “sit in” on any other class, even with the same instructor, to make-up for a class absence or cancellation.