The Tuckerman Street entrance will remain open to the public during construction in the Stoddard courtyard.

Discount Codes

Please enter your discount code when entering payment information on the shopping cart page. All discounts require an appropriate form of ID upon arrival to the Museum.

Discount Code
Discount Received
ID required
100% off 1 ticket
American Assoc. of Museums members, must show AAM membership card 
100% off up to 6 tickets
Active Duty military or other dependent family member with the appropriate ID card and up to five family members.
100% off 1 ticket
Community Access members, must show affiliation with Community Access partner. Community Access groups include the following Institutions: Abby's House, Big Brother Big Sister, Centro Las Americas, Dismas House, Family Services, Genesis Club, Seven Hills, The Art of Opportunity (Creative Minds), Thrive Support, Vets, Inc., Worcester Art Teachers
100% off up to 4 tickets
Massachusetts ConnectorCare recipients, must present card upon entry
100% off up to 4 tickets
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients, must present card upon entry
100% off 2 tickets
International Council of Museum members, must present member card upon entry
50% off 2 tickets
Library passes must be obtained from your local library and presented upon entry
100% off 2 tickets
Military personnel plus one guest, must show military ID upon entry
50% off 2 tickets
Massachusetts Teacher Association Union members, must present MTA card upon entry
100% off 2 tickets
New England Museum Association members, must present member card upon entry
100% off 2 tickets
Docents of other museums, must show proof of museum docent status upon entry
100% off 2 tickets
Staff of other museums, must present museum staff ID card upon entry
100% off 2 tickets
Members of other museums with a ROAM, MARP, NARM reciprocal level membership, must present member card showing proof of reciprocity
100% off 2 tickets
Veteran free admission plus one guest, must show proof of veteran status upon entry
$2 off per ticket (4 ticket limit)
WAM coupon flier, must present coupon upon entry
100% off up to 4 tickets
WAM free pass only, must present pass upon entry
50% off 2 tickets
WCUW Community Radio members, must present WCUW card upon entry
100% off up to 4 tickets
Women, Infants and Children (WIC recipients), must present card upon entry
50% off 1 ticket
WGBH Public television members, must present WGBH card upon entry