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    Children are always welcome at Worcester Art Museum!

    Learn all about our fun activities for kids and families.

    WAM provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore, experience, and learn about art. Relax and enjoy on your own or discover all the exciting programs and events we have planned to inspire you.

    Get some tips and learn how to look at art. Talk, play, learn, and draw together. Explore, discover, and experience art in new and fun ways. Share while you're here or when you get home. Let us know what you like best! Enjoy your visit!

    Today at WAM

    Click here to see what's happening today at WAM. Print it out or stop at our friendly Visitor Services Desks to find out what we have for children and their caregivers every day!

    Drawing Center
    McDonough Court, 4th Floor

    Visit our new drop-in drawing center, where you can sketch from the Maya Column, use coloring sheets, or just use your imagination.

    Family Friendly Activities

    1. Meet Helmutt
    "I'm Worcester Art Museum's mascot! You may have seen me before, because I spent the first years of my life living at the Higgins Armory Museum. When the John Woodman Higgins Collection came to WAM, I came too!"

    When you visit WAM, look for Helmutt to point the way to family-friendly activities and programs. How many Helmutts can you find in the Museum?

    Meet Helmutt and learn more!

    2. Openings, Community Days, and School Vacation Weeks
    Explore special exhibitions and 51 centuries of art through exciting, creative, and participatory activities. Check out our events calendar for upcoming events!
    Plus, there's always something to do during School Vacation Weeks.

    3. Every Weekend is a Family Weekend!
    Check in at the Visitor Services desk and find out what's happening.

    4. Youth and adult classes and scholarship program
    WAM offers classes for all ages and has scholarships available for those who need financial assistance! Browse classes and sign up online!

    5. Family Tour
    Join us the first Saturday of each month for this exciting intergenerational tour. Learn more about tours.

    6. Stroller Tours
    First and Third Wednesday of each month, 10:30-11:15am
    It's never too early to visit the Worcester Art Museum to start learning about art! This tour is designed for children 0 - 3 years old, their siblings, and their parents/grandparents/guardians. A Museum teacher will engage caretakers and their infants and toddlers with art and stories in the galleries. Stay for tea, coffee, juice and snacks after your tour. Free with Museum admission. Stroller access to Lancaster Lobby is through our Tuckerman Street Entrance. Check out our events calendar for upcoming tour themes!

    7. Enjoy FREE admission with a Family membership
    Families visit every day all year for FREE and get discounts on classes! Join today!

    8. Accessibility for all visitors
    The Worcester Art Museum is committed to making its facilities, programs, and services accessible to all audiences. Learn more about accessibility.

    Tips for experiencing art together

    If you want to explore the museum on your own, here are some tips to experience ART together. Pick up a small sketchbook at the desk to record your impressions.

    When you're looking at art with children, ask them:

    • What do you see? List everything you see in an artwork! Do you like it? Why? Why not?
    • How does the artwork make you feel? Describe your feelings in colors.
    • Search for colors, shapes, or animals. How many can you find?
    • Visit our 20th century galleries. Can you find art with nothing in it except colors, shapes, lines, textures? That's called abstract art. Can you draw an abstract artwork?
    • Sit near your favorite artwork and draw what you see and feel. Share your drawing with us!
    • Read books together in Helmutt's House or in the Remastered Galleries. Or, bring your own favorite book, find a comfy seat, and enjoy. (We have lots of great books in the shop—have a look!)
    • Act out stories in the art, or write your own story inspired by an artwork. Share your story with us!
    • Take a picture with your favorite artwork and send it to us!
    • Take a break! Sit on a bench or visit our Higgins Education Wing. It is a great place to unwind with kid-friendly activities like drawing, playing games, or having a snack.
    • And, remember, you can always come back!

    For your convenience: Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are permitted throughout the Museum. Baby changing stations are available in the 1st floor and 2nd floor restrooms.

    Quotes from Kids!

    I learned you can read books at the museum. - Justin

    I knew that as soon as I stepped into the Art Museum I was going to have the best day ever. - Jahsiah, grade 4

    I loved the Robert Goddard sculpture because it was very unique. That sculpture really gave me inspiration for building my own sculpture. - Malia

    Meet our Curator of Education, Marcia Lagerwey

    "You are never too young or too old to discover the joy of art! I have seen infants and toddlers look at bright, colorful paintings from their strollers or on their parent's arm, and they are elated. If you fall in love with art as a child, it will enrich your life forever! I invite families to bring their children to the Museum and share the joy of discovering art and creativity together." - Curator of Education, Marcia Lagerwey