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  • Staged! Contemporary Photography by Gregory Crewdson, Rosemary Laing, and Sharon Lockhart

    December 15, 2001 - March 24, 2002

    Explore the work of a new generation of photographers who scrupulously stage events despite the deceptively simple appearances of their images. Working with their human subjects much akin to film directors with actors, the artists create photographs that evoke comparisons to cinematic narrative. While the photographs apparently document an event unfolding, they are elaborately conceived and choreographed by the artist.
    The exhibition features the work of three leading practitioners of this genre. Australian artist Rosemary Laing captures an ivory-gowned bride sailing and somersaulting through a vast blue sky. Gregory Crewdson, of Western Massachusetts, creates magical and menacing images of suburbia for his Twilight series. Los Angeles artist Sharon Lockhart's recent travels to Brazil resulted in her series of complex social portraits.
    Sponsored in part by The BHR Life Companies.

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