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  • Rona Pondick: The Metamorphosis of an Object

    Rona Pondick: The Metamorphosis of an Object
    Through October 11, 2009

    Over the past decade, Rona Pondick has combined both ancient sculptural methods and the latest computer technologies to produce a powerful group of hybrid sculptures that fuse human and animal bodies or human and flora forms. Unlike other considerations of her sculpture, this exhibition presents Pondick's art as the lens for looking at centuries of world sculpture from the collection of the Worcester Art Museum that she feels resonate with her own creative process. Provocative juxtapositions of Pondick's hybrids with a personal selection of historic sculptures illustrate her connections to the past and her understanding of the effects of artistic cross-fertilization. The exhibition features 14 examples of Pondick's sculptures from the past decade and focuses on her particular interest in three aspects of sculpture—the communicative capacity of gesture and posture, the treatment of hair, and the effects of repetition.