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Japanese Screen Rotation

Parodies and Legends
by Furuyama Moromasa

Through December, 2021

Furuyama Moromasa (Japanese, 1712-1772), 'Murasaki Shikibu at Ishiyamadera', Handscroll; ink, color, gold, silver and gold flecks on paper.
Furuyama Moromasa (Japanese, 1712-1772), Murasaki Shikibu at Ishiyamadera, Handscroll; ink, color, gold, silver and gold flecks on paper. Stoddard Acquisition Fund, 1998.180.11

The Japanese gallery will feature an installation of a handscroll by painter Furuyama Moromasa (Japanese, 1712-72). The unusually large handscroll, representing the most elaborate and extensive work by the little-known artist, contains twenty separate paintings, each approximately four feet long. The majority of images are considered to be mitate-e, or “parody pictures.” A common feature of Edo period art, mitate-e are derived from legends, literature, religion, and history, and employ metaphors, playful comparisons, and humorous irony.

The handscroll will be unrolled to show two mitate-e paintings from June 16, 2021 which will then change to another pair of paintings from September 22, 2021.