Drawing Club


Check back for event dates and times.

Want an opportunity to draw in the WAM galleries?

Discover our art and make it your own. Supplies will be provided, or bring your own. All ages welcome. (Gallery location rotates: check with the visitor services desk upon arrival). Free with Museum Admission.

Materials Allowed:

Drawing with pencils, including colored pencils, is permitted.
Drawing boards and sketchpads are permitted, but must be 18" x 24" or smaller.
Copying in watercolors, crayons, pastels, or charcoal is not permitted.

Image Gallery

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Drawing Tips

Here are some helpful drawing tips to get you started next week at drawing club!

1) Be aware of where you place the figure in your drawing.

· Successful complex compositions have multiple layers or grounds, foreground, middle ground, and background (see diagram below).
· The depth and focus of your sketch is determined by where you place your object, in the foreground, middle ground, or background.
· The middle ground often is the best placement for the figure or focus in your study


ADRIAEN VAN DE VENNE, Dutch, 1589-1662, Winter Landscape with Skaters near a Castle, 1615, Oil on panel, Charlotte E. W. Buffington Fund, 1951.30

2) There are several simple techniques that can help add texture and depth to your drawing


Here’s an example by professional illustrator Lacsana Haboon that shows how hatching can bring a sense of value and depth to a simple sketch:

sketch by Lacsana Haboon

3) This is the most important step- never forget it… HAVE FUN!!!

Hope to see you next week!