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    professional development

    Sacred Clay with Dawning Pollen Shorty, Teachers Institute 2010

    In response to Education Reform legislation that mandates school system-sponsored Professional Development opportunities for all teachers, the Worcester Art Museum has created its Professional Development Partnership Program.

    Since then Professional Development Partnerships have been available to school systems in Central Massachusetts. These Partnerships allow teachers in public school systems to attend classes at the Worcester Art Museum free of any charge to them. Each Partnership is underwritten by the individual school system with administrative support from the Worcester Art Museum. Contact your school district to find out if they have become a Professional Development Partner.

    A Professional Development Partnership places teachers in adult education courses at the Worcester Art Museum where they can earn Professional Development Points in the visual arts, creative writing, technology and the humanities. Teachers can also enroll in education classes that focus on the museum as an interdisciplinary teaching resource. We have a state-of-the-art Computer Studio and corresponding course instruction.

    For more information on how your school district can join the Professional Development Partnership Program, call the Registration Administrator at 508.793.4333 or email transactions@worcesterart.org.