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A variety of tour opportunities exist within the docent program including school tours, general interest tours, tours of special exhibitions, weekend public tours, specialized tours of the month, tours in collaboration with school partnerships, museum special events and others. 
Group tour attendance for 2013 increased by 1,644 visitors from the previous fiscal year.  The greatest growth in attendance was in the Worcester adult population, but it is noteworthy that over 50% were our local institutional college members.
The Kennedy to Kent State: Images of a Generation exhibition had a total of 80 tour groups specifically request the exhibition for a total of 2,501 visitors.

School Tours

2013 marked the 28th year of the Worcester Art Museum/Elm Park Community School collaborative.  A total of 363 students from (17) classrooms, grade 1-6, made two visits to the museum for tours and a hands-on studio experience as well as a small special needs classroom for a total of 370 Elm Park students during the year. 
The Worcester Public Schools/ Culture LEAP partnership, which addresses both visual arts and language arts curriculum during visits to the museum galleries, completed its fifth year with a total of 44 tours for 1,891 fourth grade students. This year the program received generous support of the George I Alden Trust through the Worcester Education Development Foundation.

ARTZ Tours

Artists for Alzheimer’s tm(ARTZ)  is an initiative of the Hearthstone Alzheimer’s Foundation, founded in 2001, with the purpose of enhancing the cultural and creative life of people living with Alzheimer’s disease. With its beginnings in Boston, ARTZ has developed Alzheimer’s-specific cultural access programs with some of the worlds most renowned and respected cultural institutions throughout the United States, in Europe and Australia.
The ARTZ Museum Network  Program, funded with support from the McCance Family Foundation, is a network of Massachusetts-area museums that cooperate to host group tours led by ARTZ trained guides for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. In 2013, the Worcester Art Museum joined the program as a Museum Host and became the only central Massachusetts site currently in partnership with ARTZ.  This year a total of four specialized programs will be held at the Museum with hopes to expand the program in the future.  To sign up for this program, see upcoming dates, or for more information, please do to www.ArtzAlz.org