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Studio Classes

The Worcester Art Museum studio classes provide an ideal environment for students of all ages to explore their creativity while interacting with art from an expansive timeline of cultures, civilizations, and continents. With over fifty centuries of art in our collection and exciting special exhibits throughout the year, our faculty let art created by the great masters of the past and present inspire and influence each student’s own artistic development.  Our philosophy places value on the process of creating art and learning to think and respond creatively. In the studios, students have the opportunity to try new materials, develop skills, create portfolio-appropriate artwork, and critique with other like-minded students, all while gaining the self-confidence needed to inspire a lifelong relationship with art. All students, not just those with perceived talents, benefit from classes at WAM.

Youth Studio Classes

Over 1,000 students participated in art classes at WAM in 2013. Eight-week classes were offered in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  In the Summer, the Museum had two sessions in July and workshops in August. Vacation week programs were held in December, February and April. The Museum collection is highlighted in our youth programming. All our youth classes and workshops access the galleries for the first half hour of class. For years the youth classes programs have offered far more classes than would actually run. In 2013 we made a concerted effort to offer less classes with the goal of having more students per class and still make our budgetary revenue goals.

Adult Studio Classes

Five sessions of adult classes were offered bringing in 1,863 students for a wide range of subjects. Every class includes at least one gallery visit to view part of our permanent collection or a special exhibition and the faculty are continuously developing new classes that incorporate the artwork on view.