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Restricted Gifts and Funds

The Worcester Art Museum Annual Fund supports all the operations of the Museum. Donations to the Annual Fund enable the Museum to care for and display artworks, present exhibitions, events and community programs.

21st Century Campaign

Marie and Mike Angelini
Allen and Sarah Berry
The Berry Financial Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Mr. and Mrs. H. Paul Buckingham III
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Collins
Dirlam Charitable Trust
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation
Morgan Construction Company
Nydia and Charles Moser
Drs. Phyllis Pollack and Peter Metz
RSV Inc.
The Stoddard Charitable Trust

Art Acquisitions

Alexander H. Bullock
Chapin Riley Fund
Dirlam Charitable Trust
Loring Holmes Dodd
Theodore T. and Mary G. Ellis
Sarah C. Garver
Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Marvin Richmond Fund
Mr. Howard M. Maisel
Edward Osowski
The Paine Charitable Trust
Marlene and David Persky
The Estate of Blake Robinson
Helen Sagoff Slosberg
The Stoddard Charitable Trust


Thomas Hovey Gage Memorial Fund
Nydia and Charles Moser
William S. Sargent


Culpepper Foundation
The George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Helen M. and Thomas B. Stinson Fund
The Heald Foundation
King Baudouin Foundation, Rene & Karin Jonckheere Fund
David and Barbara Krashes
George Stinson McCumber Conservation Fund
Mellon Conservation Fellowship
National Endowment for the Humanities
Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc.
The European Fine Arts Foundation (TEFAF)


John and Ruth Adam Exhibition Fund
Christian Johnson Exhibition Fund
Dirlam Charitable Trust
Amelia and Robert Haley Lecture Fund
Heald Curatorial Fund
The Heald Foundation
Howard M. Maisel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Manahan
Melville Contemporary Art Fund
Michi Curatorial Fund
John Nelson Fund for Contemporary Art
Bernard and Louise Palitz Fund for European and American Art
Joseph Persky Foundation
Marlene and David Persky
Hall and Kate Peterson Fund for Photography
Worcester Art Museum Docents

Docent Endowment Campaign

Clare K. O'Connell


George I. Alden Trust
Mr. and Mrs. David Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Campbell Jr.
Isabel Carleton Memorial Fund
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Dorothy F. Cruikshank
Cummings Properties
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Deblieck
Docent Education Fund
Marie Fallgren
Ms. Dorothy F. Fay
David J. Freelander Art All-State Fund
Gainesville High School
Nehmias Gorin Foundation
Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Booth Family Education Outreach Fund
Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Honee A. Hess Partnership for Children Fund
Nathan Greenberg Education Fund
Hart Foundation
Chester D. Heywood
Jacob Hiatte FAME
Home Care Choices, Inc.
Audrey J. Hunter
Christian Johnson Resource Center and Discovery Fund
Barbara A. Masse
Drs. Kevin and Martha McKenna
Katie and Louis Messina
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo F. Morrissey
National Endowment for the Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Newton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Pruell
Susan E. Reed-Lawton
Remillard - Art Partnership
Robert Cooke and Katrina Romanoff
Linda L. Rowlett
Ethel M. Smith
Ivan Spear Education Fund
Ms. Peggy M. St. John
St. Wulston Society
Larry Stein
The Stoddard Discovery Fund
Alice Eliza Waite
James A. Welu
Worcester Art Society

Event Sponsorship

Fallon Community Health Plan
Highland Street Foundation
Imperial Distributors, Inc.
Interstate Specialty Products, Inc.
The Kirby Foundation
Nydia and Charles Moser
National Grid
People’s United Bank
United Bank


Frank M. Barnard Foundation, Inc.
S. N. Behrman Library Fund
Dorothy M. Briel Library Fund
Frank F. Dresser Fund
Worcester Art Museum Docents

Other Specific Funds

Barbara A. Booth Flower Fund
Herron Dresser Publication Fund
James Welu Director’s Endowment

Salisbury Doors Fund

Dorothy F. and C. Mary McLoughlin
The Fletcher Foundation


Sally Bishop Fund
Abbie S. and Mildred L. Cather Fund
David J. Freelander Scholarship Fund
Edward F. Goggin
Charles A. Hamilton
Edith Florence Hendricks
Jacob Hiatt Scholarship Fund
Frances A. Kinnicutt
Krosoczka Scholarship Fund:

Cecelia and Thomas Angelberger
Dorothy Herman and Sean Brandt
Sarah Devito
Di Santo Designs
Edward Heck
Richard Hennessy
Darrin C. Johnson
Jarrett and Gina Krosoczka
Kevin Magee
The Merrymakers, Inc.
Ann Ritter
Ryan T. Sanangelo
Susan F. Sharin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Shilale

Marion Olch Ruhman Education Fund

Anna Biegun
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Brinch
Elaine A. Cutler
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Eisenberg
Doris W. Epstein
Judith Estrin
Margo Estrin Kligfeld
Jeanette Even
Abel Feinstein
Leslie and Tom Freudenheim
Constance C. Gilson
Lester S. Hyman
Dr. Ofer Inbar
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Katz
Judith Katz and Grant Rhode
Eileen W. Leibowitz
Janet E. Levy
Judith Meiselman
Harriet Rome Pemstein
Susan K. Richman
Mr. and Mrs. Meir Ruhman
Mr. Neil C. Schaefer and Ms. Harriet C. Rzetelny
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Sabbath
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Scheraga
Ellen St. Sure
Alison Stern
Wilma Stern Ph.D.
Margaret G. Thomas
Janice M. Victor
Dr. Banice M. Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Yospin
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Zimbel

Mary E. and Irene Piper
Sudbury Foundation Scholarship Fund
Miriam Washburn
Wass/Lundquist Scholarship Fund