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Memorial Gifts

Douglas W. Adams
            Denise R. Adams
Ray and Julie Bouley
            Linda and Robert Seega
Joanne Carroll
            Cecilia Carroll
Jeanne Y. Curtis
            Jeanne Y. Curtis Foundation
Ted and Marjorie Deitz
            Theodore and Marjorie M. Deitz Fund,
                 Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Gwynne Elms
Edwin C. Esleeck
Francis W. Hall
            Mrs. John F. Finnegan
Jane A. Howard*
            Cutler Management Corporation
            Mr. and Ms. Geoffrey C. Underwood
Colleen and Lewis James
            Mary Ann and Michael Brockelman
Dr. Lewis P. James, Jr.
            Helene S. Forte
            Dr. James M. Gibson
            Patricia A. Hackett
            Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harper
            Dr. and Mrs. Russell E. Johnson
            Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Oakley
            Mrs. Amelia G. Painton
            Matthew and Annie Peters
            Provo Financial Services
John Jeppson
            Margareta G. Berg
            Karl Lombard Briel
            Maria and John Dirlam
            Barbara E. Fargo
            Mary and Warner Fletcher
            Leslie and Tom Freudenheim
            Sheila and Shirley M. Killeen
            Mrs. Anne (Nancy) Morgan
            Marlene and David Persky
            Mrs. Elizabeth G. Petter
            Drs. Phyllis Pollack and Peter Metz
            Ann-Cathrine Rapp
            Mr. and Mrs. J. Lincoln Spaulding
            James A. Welu
Harry and Miriam Lieberman
            Judith Lieberman
Sophie F. Majercik
            Edward C. Blair and  Kathleen M. Blair
            Mr. and Mrs. Edward Konkel
            Stephen and Ellen Laprise
            David and Carol Majercik
            Lee Ann Majercik
            Kathleen J. Murphy
            Keith and Elizabeth Simons
            Dianne E. Smith
            Martha J. Strazdas
            Mr. and Mrs. David J. Swett
            Richard and Kathleen Swett
Myles M. McDonough
            Jock Herron and Julia Moore
Barbara Milliken
            James A. Welu
John M. Nelson
            Marie and Mike Angelini
            Bob and Marcia Benson
            Barbara and George Bernardin
            Mrs. Irene A. Camougis
            Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Collins
            Ralph and Joan Crowley
            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cusimano
            Richard and Margery Dearborn
            Donald R. Devine and  Leslie J. Devine
            David R. and Rosalie A. Grenon
            Meg and Phil Kendall
            Vicky M. Kipp
            Lucinda Landon
            Stephen and Valerie Loring
            Karen Mauney-Brodek
            Myles* and C. Jean McDonough
            Drs. Phyllis Pollack and Peter Metz
            Marlene and David Persky
            Ann-Cathrine Rapp
            Mrs. Louise C. Riemer
            Saint Gobain
            Dr. and Mrs. Dilworth P. Sellers
            Polly Traina
            The TJX Foundation, Inc.
            Charles Wallace and Katherine Flynn
            James A. Welu
Frances L. O'Connell
            Clare K. O'Connell
Laurence P. O'Connell
            Art Docents-WAM
Paul W. Ollila
John O'Malley
            Anne T. O'Malley
Christopher Ostrowski
            Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Ostrowski
Bernard G. Palitz
            James A. Welu
William O. Pettit
            James A. Welu
Anne M. Porcella
            James A. Welu
J. Douglas Rapp
            James A. Welu
Dagmar Reutlinger
            Richard S. Teitz
Virginia Rice
            Mrs. Elizabeth G. Petter
Sidney Rose
            Mrs. Rosalie Rose
Harris Rosenkrantz
            Natalie F. Rosenkrantz
Eric Rowlett
            Audrey J. Hunter
            Linda L. Rowlett
Marion Olch Ruhman
            Anna Biegun
            Mr. and Mrs. Adam Brinch
            Elaine A. Cutler
            Mr. and Mrs. Danny Eisenberg
            Doris W. Epstein
            Judith Estrin
            Margo Estrin Kligfeld
            Jeanette Even
            Abel Feinstein
            Abel Feinstein
            Leslie and Tom Freudenheim
            Constance C. Gilson
            Lester S. Hyman
            Dr. Ofer Inbar
            Judith Katz and Grant Rhode
            Mr. and Mrs. David I. Katz
            Eileen W. Leibowitz
            Janet E. Levy
            Judith Meiselman
            Harriet Rome Pemstein
            Susan K. Richman
            Mr. and Mrs. Meir Ruhman
            Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Sabbath
            Mr. Neil C. Schaefer and Ms. Harriet C. Rzetelny
            Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Scheraga
            Ellen St. Sure
            Wilma Stern, Ph.D.
            Alison Stern
            Margaret G. Thomas
            Janice M. Victor
            Dr. Banice M. Webber
            Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Yospin
            Mr. and Mrs. Norman Zimbel
William Scaglione
            Mr. and Mrs. David Blanchard
            Mr. and Mrs. James C. Campbell Jr.
            Robert Cooke and Katrina Romanoff
            Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Deblieck
            Marie Fallgren
            Ms. Dorothy F. Fay
            Home Care Choices, Inc.
            Mary Ellen Marrone
            Barbara A. Masse
            Katie and Louis Messina
            Mr. and Mrs. Carlo F. Morrissey
            Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Newton
            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Phelan
            Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Pruell
            James A. Welu
Barbara A. Shea
            Emerson College
            Gainesville High School
            Marilyn L. Stasio
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Woods
            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas* J. Woods