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Annual Support

The Worcester Art Museum Annual Fund supports all the operations of the Museum. Donations to the Annual Fund enable the Museum to care for and display artworks, present exhibitions, events and community programs.

Corporate and Foundation Gifts to Membership or the Annual Fund

Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., P.C.
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
Almara LTD, LLC
Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.
The Berry Financial Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Bollus Lynch, LLP
Brigham Hill Foundation Trust
The C. Richard and Olive J. Brose Hie Hill Foundation, Inc.
Chevron Humankind
College of the Holy Cross
Jeanne Y. Curtis Foundation
Cutler Associates, Inc.
The Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation
Cutler Management Corporation
Ruth H. and Warren A. Ellsworth Foundation
Emerson College
Epworth United Methodist Church
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Barbara and George Bernardin Family Fund Halpin Family Fund
Race Family Fund
Sarah and Joe Ribeiro Fund
Tower Hill Fund
Ruth S. Westheimer Fund
Vederese Family Charitable Fund
Woodcock Charitable Fund

Fidelity Investments
Fiduciary Trust Company, MPD Higgins Foundation
Fletcher, Tilton P.C.
Foley Industrial Engines
Joan L. Freedman Trust
Future Plumbing and Piping, Inc.
Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Booth Family Fund
Bozenhard Charitable Fund
H. Paul and Sara B. Buckingham III Fund
The Douglas P. Butler Fund
Chapin Riley Fund
Martha A. Cowan Fund
Theodore and Marjorie M. Deitz Fund
Henry B. and Jane K. Dewey Fund
David R. and Rosalie A. Grenon Fund
Honee A. Hess Partnership Fund
Jeppson Memorial Fund
Kirby Foundation Fund
Peter and Lisa Kirby Gibbs
Lionel M. and Cynthia E. Lamoureux Fund
Louise R. and John F. Reynders Fund

The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc
The Richard A. Heald Fund
Hoche Schofield Foundation
Industrial Energy Services
The Judy and Tony King Foundation
Liberty Mutual
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Construction Company
MSW Financial Partners
The Plourde Family Charitable Trust
Provo Financial Services
RSV Inc.
The Quaker Insurance Agency, Inc.
Schwab Charitable Fund, Mark and Barbara Wetzel Family Fund
Siff Charitable Foundation
Smook Architecture and Urban Design, Inc.
Spillane Charitable Foundation
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
The Tonna Charitable Trust
United Way of North Central Massachusetts, Inc.
Unum Group
Wyman-Gordon Foundation

Matching Gift Organizations to Membership or the Annual Fund

Ace Foundation-Bermuda
Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
Bank of America
Chevron Humankind
The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc.
IBM Corporation
MBI Foundation, Inc.
Morgan Construction Company
Mutual of America
Saint Gobain
State Street Bank & Trust Company
Unum US
Waters Corporation

Individual Gifts

$1,000 +

Julia Andrieni and Robert Phillips
Marie and Michael Angelini
Karin Branscombe
Mr. and Mrs. H. Paul Buckingham III
Catherine M. Colinvaux and Phillip D. Zamore
Maria and John Dirlam
Dr. Gabriele Goszcz and Douglas Crawford
Janet and Geoffrey Graeber
John* and Marianne Jeppson
Rachel Kaminsky
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Lotuff
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Michie
Nydia and Charles Moser
John and Ellen Savickas
Clifford J. Schorer
Dr. Edward C. Yasuna


Deb and Vince Asbridge
John M. Baker
Dr. Charles and Janet Birbara
Norman Bitsoli
Robert S. Fairbrother
Yda and Allen Filiberti
Mary and Warner Fletcher
Louis and Karen Kuchnir
Tristan and Susanne Laurion
Drs. Phyllis Pollack and Peter Metz
Linda and Robert Seega
Susan Stoops and James Rainville


John and Victoria Aberhart
Barbara and George Bernardin
Jane Antoun Cartelli
Len and Hallie Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cusimano
Mrs. Patricia A. Desplaines
Leslie Fish and Jerry Gurwitz
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Harper
Stephen and Valerie Loring
Lee Ann Majercik
Ogretta V. McNeil
Elizabeth A. and Bernard F. Meyer
Mrs. Anne (Nancy) Morgan
Dawn Murphy
Terri Priest
Polly Traina
Patricia and Paul Verderese
James A. Welu


Anonymous (5)
Denise R. Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Aghababian M.D.
Rodney Anderson
John and Mary Lou Anderson
Elizabeth J. Baldarelli
Mary and Robert Barakat
Marvin Baum
Dennis and Catherine Berkey
Clealand and Nancy Blair
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Boger
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Boisvert
A. Shepard Boote and Heath Drury Boote
Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Bradford
Karl Lombard Briel
Mary Ann and Michael Brockelman
Kenneth Brown
Elizabeth Burkett
George and Tammy Butler
Mrs. Irene A. Camougis
Cecilia Carroll
Kim M. Ciborowski
Peter J. Clark and Timmian C. Massie
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Cohen
Linda L. Crawford
Raphael and Alison Crawford
Ralph and Joan Crowley
Marilyn J. Dahlquist
Ann B. Day and Donna E. Enberg
Richard and Margery Dearborn
Helen Marie Dearden
Dr. and Mrs. Don P. Deprez
Donald R. Devine and  Leslie J. Devine
Raymond F. Di Gregorio
Sheila and Charles Donahue
Reverend Henry A. Donoghue
Sidney and Phyllis Dorfman
Carole and Ronald Dorris
Colleen and Des Dowling
George Dresser and Margaret McCandless
Frank and Loraine Dufault
H. M. Eccleston
Thomas F. Egan
Barbara E. Fargo
David and Elaine Feingold
Joan Ferguson
Rodney and Natalie Ferris
Mrs. John F. Finnegan
Dennis and Nancy Fitzgerald
David and Ann Forsberg
Helene S. Forte
Dr. and Mrs. David N. French
Leslie and Tom Freudenheim
Alice Frodigh
Elaine and Richard Gacek
Fotios and Helen Ganias
Edward Gardella
Paul and D. Janet German
Dr. James M. Gibson
Chuck and Andrew Glassmire
Jim Goodman
Frances L. Gordon
Robert and Judith Greene
Nancy and Simon Gregory
David R. and Rosalie A. Grenon
Michael Gusar
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Hancock
Lee and Rose Hartman
Andrea K. Henkels
Mrs. Mary B. Hennessy
Jock Herron and Julia Moore
Mrs. Dorothy T. Higano
Mrs. Julia Huot
James and Susan Kallstrom
Judith-Ann and Edward J. Keegan III
Alison C. Kenary
Meg and Phil Kendall
Paul D. Kennedy and Carol L. Kennedy
Phil and Pris Kerr
Gerald I. Kheboian
Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Lane, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Lazare
Deanna Leamon and Davis Baird
Laszlo and Sylvia Leb
Katherine and Gabriel Leblanc
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lenis
Maria Rosa Leyre
Judith Lieberman
Stephen and Valerie Loring
James and Joan Lyons
Dr. Paul J. Mahon
David and Carol Majercik
Mr. and Mrs. James Maloney
Mary E. Manahan
Robert and Myra McAnulty
Carol E. McAvoy
Donald and Angela McClain
Myles* and Jean McDonough
John T. McLeod and Margaret Angelini
J. William Mees
Anne and John Messier
Douglas Q. Meystre and Diane S. Meystre
Ralph and Cynthia Montalvo
Ms. Dorothy Nanchu
David and Susan Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Nixon
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Oakley
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Palatucci
Matthew W. Panagiotu, D.D.S.
Lydia Pastuszek and Brian Monahan
Marlene and David Persky
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Petter
Honorable and Mrs. James F. Queenan
Ann-Cathrine Rapp
Nicholas Rhind
Michael D. Rhines and Katharine A. Cleary
Mrs. Louise C. Riemer
Joyce M. Rivers
Donald and Bethany Roberts
Irene R. Roberts
Samuel Joe Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ross
Allen and Ruth Rubin
Elizabeth M. Sanning
James Liebmann and Gail Scully
Dr. and Mrs. Dilworth P. Sellers
Mark L. Shelton
Lynda and Robert Sorrenti
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lincoln Spaulding
Mrs. Anne Felton Spencer
Dan and Debby Steigman
Donald and Judith Stoddard
Martha J. Strazdas
Elizabeth P. Streicher and Lionel C. Epstein
John M. Sutherland Jr.
Daniel and Madeleine Tear
George and Sheila Tetler
Mr. Robert Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Truesdell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Wagner
Ronald and Charlotte Waite
David and Jessie Wallace
Trudy and Adriaan Walther
Dr. Frederick P. Wassel
Gayle and Chick Weiss
Dr. Francis White
Eric and Hillary White
Margaret Wolverton
Thomas J. Woods
George and Donna Wright