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    To donate a book to the Library in your name or in honor of a loved one, please send us an e-mail at library@worcesterart.org noting which book from the Wish List you've selected. Your generous donation will be credited with an inscribed gift plate affixed to the inside cover of the book. Questions, please call 508.799.4406, x3106.
    Prices noted below are approximate.

    Handbook of Chinese Mythology
    Lihui Yang, Deming An, Jessica Anderson Turner
    An informative work of historical and contemporary Chinese myths, including a useful collection of historical documents, detailing myths as they live and change in China today.

    Handbook of Japanese Mythology
    Michael Ashkenazi
    Book reveals the origins of Japan's myths in the very different realms of Buddhism, Shinto, and folklore, and explores related mythologies of the Ainu and Okinawan cultures and recent myths arising from Japan's encounters with modernization.

    Art in Theory, 1900-2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
    Charles Harrison, Paul Wood
    This popular anthology of twentieth-century art theoretical texts has now been expanded to take account of new research, and to include significant contributions to art theory from the 1990s.

    Art in Theory, 1648-1815: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
    Charles Harrison, Paul Wood, and Jason Gaiger
    Art in Theory (1648-1815) provides a wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of documents on the theory of art from the founding of the French Academy until the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

    Art in Theory, 1815-1900: An Anthology of Changing Ideas
    Charles Harrison, Paul Wood, and Jason Gaiger
    The ideas of some of the most influential artists, writers and thinkers of our times about 19th century art are collected in this vast collection of essays. Collectively they tackle difficult issues like the definition of Modern art and tracing the history of aesthetics.

    Albrecht Dürer and His Legacy, The Graphic Work of a Renaissance Artist
    Giulia Bartrum, Gunter Grass, Joseph L. Koerner, Ute Kuhlemann
    This book traces Albrecht Dürer's work and influence from his earliest career to his powerful posthumous role within German culture, surveys all of the artist's best-known prints, drawings and watercolors.

    Holland Mania: The Unknown Dutch Period in American Art and Culture
    Annettte Stott
    This book deals with the change in sensibility in U.S. art and culture, between 1890 and 1920, when a significant part of the American middle and upper classes celebrated all things Dutch and “Dutchness”.

    Selections from the New Hollstein Dutch Series
    Hollstein is a household word to all students of the great Northern European schools of printmaking. It is a universally known standard reference work with a status enjoyed by few other scholarly publications.

    Pieter Bruegel the Elder
    Nadine M. Orenstein

    Jacob Matham
    Lena Widerkehr

    Early American Papermaking: Two Treatises on Manufacturing Techniques Reprinted from James Cutbush's American Artist's Manual (1814)
    This text first appeared in James Cutbush's The American Artist's Manual (Philadelphia: 1814) and is reprinted in full.

    Set Urushi: The Standard Work On Japanese LacquerSet Urushi: The Standard Work On Japanese Lacquer
    Urushi No Waza
    Urushi No Waza gives a so far unique overview of one of the most fascinating areas of Japanese craftwork. $115

    Johannes Teyler. Editor, Simon Turner.
    New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish Series, Part I-IV.
    These New Hollstein volumes now provide an up-to-date comprehensive catalogue which will provide an invaluable aid to research for our curator. The prints attributed to Teyler are characteristic, because all of the copper plates were inked in multiple colours in the so-called “la poupée” manner.
    The four volume set is $1930.