Ancient Art

Hunting Scene Worcester Hunt Mosaic

Worcester Art Museum has collected Greek and Roman art from its founding in 1898 and has a small but distinguished selection of objects that range from large-scale Greek marble reliefs and black- and red-figure vases of the Classical (Rycroft Painter) amphora, an unusual Cypriot sculpture (Head of Aphrodite) as well as a variety of ancient glass found in the Troad, hundreds of Greek and Roman coins (nearly 100 from the Antioch mint) and rare Roman imperial portraits (Caligula). The Roman floor mosaics excavated in Antioch are the finest and largest of any US collection.

Statuette of a Man The Royal Descendant Hetepheres

Statuette of a Man,
about 3000-2500 B.C.

The Royal Descendant Hetepheres,
about 2440 B.C.

Ay, Fan Bearer A Winged Genius

Ay, Fan Bearer,
about 1360 B.C.

A Winged Genius,
883-859 B.C.

Figure of a Warrior Amphora

Figure of a Warrior,
late 6th century B.C.

Rycroft Painter
about 530-520 B.C.

Head of a Female Votive Figure Pyxis

Head of a Female Votive Figure,
early 5th century B.C.

Eretria Painter
about 430 B.C.

Grave Stele: Old Man Cinerary Urn

Grave Stele: Old Man,
late 4th century B.C.

Cinerary Urn,
mid-2nd century B.C.

Prince Arikankharer Slaying His Enemies The Drinking Contest of Dionyos and Heracles

Prince Arikankharer Slaying His Enemies,
A.D. 25-41

The Drinking Contest of Dionyos and Heracles, about A.D. 100

Portrait of a Lady Head of a Man

Portrait of a Lady,
A.D. 138-192

Head of a Man (possibly Diocletian),
A.D. 300-10

Hunting Scene

Hunting Scene,
early 6th century A.D.