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Sweedish, 1860-1920
Opal, 1891
Oil on canvas
Gift of Marianne and John Jeppson

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Sweden's leading painter at the turn of the century, Zorn traveled and painted extensively, both in Europe and the United States; however, it was at Mora, his hometown, that he created some of his best works. The title of this picture refers to the rainbow of colors reflecting off the lake near Mora. Zorn took an informal approach to the traditional theme of the nude in the landscape by placing the figures at lower left, facing the distance. Working in the Impressionist style, he used pure, broken color to achieve brilliance and luminosity and free brushwork to convey the transitory nature of the subject. In this scene, which gives the impression of being painted directly from nature, the artist focused on the light as it falls on the women and their lush surroundings.