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  • Claudine Houdon

    JEAN-ANTOINE HOUDON, Claudine Houdon

    French, 1741-1828
    Claudine Houdon, about 1791
    Stoddard Acquisition Fund

    Copyright Notice

    Recognized as one of the greatest portrait sculptors of all times, Houdon worked in the neo-classical style. In his early twenties he spent four years in Italy studying the art of the antique. Back in Paris he quickly became famous for portrait sculpture and received commissions from all over the world. His subjects ranged from the French philosophers Diderot, Voltaire and Rousseau to the American patriots Washington, Jefferson and Lafayette. These carefully crafted portraits capture not only the physiognomy but also the character of the sitters. In portraits of his wife and children Houdon achieved an added measure of intimacy and warmth, as in this charming bust of his third daughter, Claudine, who was about a year old at the time.