A Miracle of Saint Donato of Arezzo

LORENZO DI CREDI, A Miracle of Saint Donato of Arezzo

AND LORENZO DI CREDI (Florentine, about 1456–1536)
A Miracle of Saint Donato of Arezzo, about 1479-85
Painting on panel
Theodore T. and Mary G. Ellis Collection

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Toward the end of the fifteenth century, Lorenzo di Credi began his career in Florence, which had become the leading center of painting in Italy. Among those working with him in the workshop of the Florentine artist Verrocchio was Leonardo da Vinci, to whom is attributed an Annunciation (now at the Louvre, Paris) similar in size to Lorenzo's painting.

These panels once formed part of a predella, or lower portion of an altarpiece, made for the cathedral of Pistoia in central Italy. The subject of the present panel is Saint Donato, who proved the innocence of a tax collector falsely accused of theft. The saint is shown assisting the man in locating the money that his deceased wife had hidden for safekeeping. Saint Donato appears also in the main panel of the Pistoia altarpiece, which was commissioned in memory of Bishop Donato de'Medici.




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