Gilbert Stuart
Born North Kingston, R.I., December 3, 1755.
Died Boston, Mass., July 9, 1828.

Russell Sturgis, 18221
Oil on canvas
30 1/16 x 25 1/16 in. (76.4 x 63.6 cm)
Gift of the Paine Charitable Trust, 1965.254

On the back of the frame, written in graphite at the bottom left: "painted/May 1822/Aged 72/Aug[r?] 1822"

Russell Sturgis to George Washington Sturgis (1793–1826) in 1822; by bequest, to his daughter Anna Elizabeth Sturgis (d. 1828).2 By 1878 it was in the possession of her aunt, Ann Cushing Sturgis Paine (Mrs. Frederic William Paine) (1797–1892);3 to her son George Sturgis Paine (1833–1908), who placed the portrait on permanent loan at the Worcester Art Museum on August 9, 1901; to his brother James Perkins Paine (1827–1910); to his children Russell Sturgis Paine (b. 1871), Lois Orne Paine (b. 1866), Rose Chandler Paine (b. 1868), and Alice Paine (b. 1874), who jointly owned the portrait as part of the Paine Charitable Trust until it was formally given to the Worcester Art Museum in 1965.4

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1. Until the portrait's date was established by Philip Klausmeyer's recent discovery of the pencil inscription on the back of the frame, Worcester's Russell Sturgis had been dated to about 1820. Park had assigned this date in 1926, and it continued with Evans 1993, 128, 137, n. 10.

This portrait was previously published as Mr. Russell Sturgis in BMFA 1880, 21; Portrait (Russell Sturgis) in Worcester Art Society 1880, cat. no. 62; Portrait av Russell Sturgis in Stockholm 1930, 29, cat. no. 97; Portraet af Russell Sturgis in Copenhagen 1930, 29, 98; Portrait of Russell Sturgis in Lee 1929, 40.

Two portraits of Sturgis were exhibited at the Boston Athenaeum for the 1828 Stuart memorial exhibition (cat. nos. 115, 172). However, it has not been determined if one of those portraits was Worcester's. Perkin and Gavin 1980, 134–45.

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3. Paine 1878, 25, and Worcester Art Society 1891, cat. no. 9. It seems possible that after Anna Elizabeth Sturgis's death the portrait came into the possession of Elizabeth Perkins Sturgis (Mrs. Russell Sturgis), because in 1833 her son James Perkins Sturgis wrote to his unmarried sister, Betsy (1788–1873), who lived with Mrs. Sturgis, about borrowing one of his father's last Stuart portraits. James P. Sturgis, Canton, to Betsy Sturgis, Boston, June 16, 1833, PFP, AAS, box 3, folder 4. The portrait likely remained in Betsy's possession after her mother's death in 1843, and at her death in 1873, it would have been bequeathed to her sister Ann Cushing Paine. Will of Betsy Sturgis, Suffolk County no. 53805.

4. Worcester Art Museum Boxing Book, I, 65, August 9, 1901; and Henry 1968. The Worcester Art Museum's copy of Park 1926 contains dated notes by Alice Paine. On September 29, 1954, in cat. no. 805, she crossed out Park's sentence about the present owner being Russell Sturgis (her brother) and wrote "Paine Trust (First Trust, 1908)."