Tuwanek Sunshine Coast

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The Worcester Art Museum acknowledges the individuals and institutions that have provided source images for this presentation. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these picture credits.

Views of the Carina Nebula

Image 1: National Geographic
Image 2: Luis Argerich
Image 3: Axel Mellinger
Image 4 & 5: Wei-Hao Wang
Image 6: Nathan Smith, U. of Minnesota/NOAO/AURA/NSF
Image 7: European Southern Observatory (processing by Davide De Martin)

Photography and Science: Sir John Herschel

Portrait of Sir John Herschel by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1867

Color and Image Data


About the Artist

Portrait of Michael Benson by Alenka Slavenic


Answer 1: NASA/JPL
Question 2: Ruffnax (Crew of STS-125)
Answer 2: Ruffnax (Crew of STS-125) [Hubble telescope] / NASA [astronaut]
Question 3: Edwin Hubble Biography at Western Washington University Planetarium
Answer 3: NASA / WMAP Science Team
Question 4: Ruffnax (Crew of STS-125)
Answer 4: Ruffnax (Crew of STS-125) [Hubble telescope] / NASA [satellite imagery]
Answer 6: NASA/European Space Agency [sun]

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Expedition 32 Crew, International Space Station, NASA