Conservation Treatments

Rita Albertson
Chief Conservator

Philip Klausmeyer, PhD
Conservation Scientist and Paintings Conservator

Birgit Straehle
Assistant Paintings Conservator

Julie Ribits
former pre-program intern in Conservation

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Philip Klausmeyer, PhD
Conservation Scientist and Paintings Conservator

Rita Albertson
Chief Conservator

Curatorial input

Jon Seydl
Director of Curatorial Affairs

Katrina Stacy
Assistant Curator, Education

iPad design work

Tim Furman
Web Design Coordinator

Exhibition Design and Preparation

Patrick Brown, John Hyden, Trevor Toney, Wes Small, and Jennifer Hache

Exhibition Video

Pagano Media Worcester, MA

Funding for Conservation

The European Fine Arts Fair (TEFAF) / Museum Restoration Fund

Special thanks to

Terry Suzuki
Applications Specialist, Hi-Scope System Company for the use of the Hitachi tabletop SEM TM3000 microscope and Bruker Quantax 70 EDS analysis system, with which all the SEM-EDS images in this presentation were generated.

Tom Tague
Applications manager, and Peng Wang, Application Scientist, Bruker Optics, for their help analyzing the paint cross-sections using the Bruker stand alone Lumos FT-IR microscope with which all the FTIR mapping in this presentation was done.

Joe Dorsheimer
Technical Sales Representative, Thermo Fisher Scientific, for his help analyzing paint cross-sections using the Thermo Fisher Nicolet™ Continuµm™ Infrared Microscope

And of course to...
Mr. William Hogarth


Image: Benjamin Smith, British, 1754-1833 after William Hogarth, British, 1697-1764 Portrait with his Dog Trump, frontispiece from The Works of William Hogarth, 1795 stipple engraving on cream wove paper 1913.95.1 Home

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