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    Helmutt the Dog

    Hi! I'm Helmutt, the Worcester Art Museum's new mascot.

    I'm a German Boar Hound, I'm three years old, and I spent the first few years of my life living at Higgins Armory Museum. When the John Woodman Higgins Collection came to WAM, I came too. So now I live at WAM!

    I'm here all the time, so come find me the next time you're at WAM—that's the Museum's nickname. Do you have a nickname too?

    Where to Find Me

    I have a special room inside the KNIGHTS! exhibition called Helmutt's House, where there are books, try-on armor and costumes, and other fun games and activities. You can even find my dog bed there!

    Have you used Helmutt's Guide to Arms & Armor? Pick one up at the front desk. I'll guide you through the whole Museum.

    Just for fun, when you visit WAM, try to find me in all of the galleries I've visited.

    helmutts house

    Q+A with Helmutt

    Do you have a question about the Museum? Ask me!

    Q: "What is the shiniest sword in Knights! " -Lincoln, age 8
    A: The Smallsword, designed by Josiah Wedgwood, is super sparkly.

    Q: "What's your favorite artwork at the Museum?"
    A: The Remojadas dog head in the Pre Columbian collection is my favorite.

    Q: What was it like to move to WAM?
    A: I LOVE it here! There's so much art to explore, and there are even things you can touch. Look for my Touch Cart in the lobbies and my paw print in the galleries—Paws on! Paws off!

    Q: What kinds of things can kids do at WAM?

    A: There's TONS to do at WAM! Click on the images below to learn more about great WAM activities, then come see me!

    art cart

    Art Carts

    story time

    Birthday Parties

    story time

    Families @ WAM Tour and Art Making

    story time

    Knights Arms + Armor Programs

    story time


    story time

    Youth Classes

    Lots of fun things to do at WAM!

    Draw Helmutt!

    Have you drawn a picture of me or of the Worcester Art Museum?
    Send me your drawings at

    Here are some great drawings from some of my friends. They are pretty cool!

    drawing of helmutt
    drawing of helmutt drawing of helmutt drawing of helmutt drawing of helmutt

    Helmutt at Home!

    Did you know that I'm an artist? Yep. I'm training to be a knight too. You can work on your drawing, and other fun activities by downloading these fun work sheets.

    Thanks for Visiting!

    Visit again soon for more great news and activies!

    - Helmutt

    About The Artist:

    Veronica Fish is an illustrator based in Massachusetts.

    Her artworks have been exhibited in a number of contemporary galleries in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. Her illustrations have been used in a variety of applications; clients include The Girl Scouts of America, Wired Magazine, LEGO, Mowgli Surfwear, Quintet Publishing of London, Monsa Publishing of Spain and the Boston Derby Dames.  She has also worked as a story-board artist for film and television commercials. She continues to work in comics, releasing "Pirates of Mars" with writer JJ Kahrs and is currently working on an adaption of "Frankenstein" set in 1921.

    Together with her husband, Andy they travel the East Coast teaching comic art workshops and lecturing on graphic novels and the history of sequential art. They live with a rather nervous Yorkie, Allie Oop.

    Learn more at