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    Praise for Instructor

    Peter Zygas, Writer's Workshop- A Job of Work, "Jim Beschta is an excellent person. The sharing of his expertise in using words in a powerful way to express the beauty, grandeur, pathos, mystery and joy of the gift of this life has been a neat gift to us, his students."

    Joan Kenower, One Day with Marsden Hartley, "Randy's enthusiasm and his preparation were exceptional."

    Karen Caissey, Calligraphy I and II, "Gerry Kerdock is an excellent teacher! She's awesome!!"

    Christine Croteau, Contemporary Sculpture, "I really enjoy Lynn's teaching style - she is very knowledgeable, down to earth, explains things well, is extremely creative and offers great ideas. She also goes above and beyond in terms of offering extra help, time, and keeping the studio up to par with supplies."

    Anonymous, Encaustic, “Tracy thoroughly knows her stuff- historically and technology-wise. She is very invested in her subject matter- just great!"

    kid having fun

    Lynn Andrews, Holden, Acrylic and Oil Painting, "Excellent experience. Bill knows how to work with each student at the student's level, and impart knowledge with humor.”

    Linda Jaupe, Oakham, Painting Workshop Inspired by Twentieth-Century Artists, "Great Class!! One of the best ever! Nan is a special super instructor and artist!"

    Nanete Bready, Westborough, Painting Workshop Inspired by Twentieth-Century Artists, "Nan Hass Feldman is an extremely good teacher. Through her knowledge of art history she is able to open your mind and imagination in ways you never thought could happen!"

    Susan "Sue" Cook, Worcester, Watercolor 1, "This was a fantastic experience. JoEllen's an excellent teacher, an incredible watercolor artist and very supportive of all levels of student ability. I can't wait to take another class with her."

    Anonymous, Teaching Across Cultures and Curriculums, "Ellen is the ultimate instructor: patient, explicit, knowledgeable, organized, well-prepared, enthusiastic, experienced, creative...!"

    Anonymous, Color and Light Extended, "Mr. Griffiths is so brilliant with colors would not miss a class for anything - he is awesome and a great teacher with art and colors."

    Kathleen Grimley, Boylston, Color and Light Extended, "I appreciate being able to choose what I paint; I usually do something that relates to my life. Bill Griffiths is a fabulous instructor."

    J. Barry Hanshaw, Color and Light Extended, "Bill Griffiths is a National Treasure and he is here in Worcester!"

    Bill Scaglioni, Color and Light Extended, "This class has enabled me to make paintings that I never dreamed I could make- color and extended light is the best thing that could have happened to me. Bill is as informative as any teacher can be."

    Student at work fun art class wam

    Art Teacher, Drawing for Educators, "I have taken classes with Jane in the past. I always leave class very well informed with loads of new material to use in my classroom. Her teacher institutes are amazing."

    Anne Reggio, Ashby, From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance --A Journey Through, "I love history! Ms. Doucette was wonderful! I would enjoy taking many more classes with her! P.S. I loved her sense of humor :) "

    Anonymous, From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance --A Journey Through, "Antonella's the best. I look forward to her courses. I'm in awe of her knowledge of art. She brings the WAM's works to life with her interpretations in the galleries.”

    Catherine Christensen, Intro to Mosaic Andamento, "Cindy was fantastic! So knowledgeable and down-to-Earth! Very positive and encouraging, too!"

    Anonymous, Beginning Painting, "I truly enjoyed Patti's instruction! She was able to assist when necessary, and so willing to share her talents. She built our confidence and encouraged us to find our own style! I would like to learn more about color mixing! :) "

    Praise for Class Organization/Structure/Resources

    Suzanne Atryzek, Handmade Ceramic Tile Workshop, "This was an exceptional class. I am astonished we touched on so many elements of clay and tile making. What a great day!"

    Anonymous, Collage and Altered Art Engineering, "I think this is the BEST course I've taken at the WAM. I would take this course again & again! Fantastic, loved it, wouldn't change a thing!”

    Julie Perusse, Using Your Digital SLR, "Great course. Easy to understand and I have a better understanding of my camera & composition technique. Instructor was very knowledgeable."

    Anonymous, Drawing with Colored Pencils, "Jill is a very good teacher. She explains things well and now I know different techniques to think about while using colored pencils."

    Helen Demarco, Great Masters of Italian Art from the Renaissance through the Baroque, “Fabulous experience- Antonella is so well-prepared on her subject matter- excellent PowerPoint presentation and lecture each week. Her handouts are exceptional. She makes 1.5 hours fly by. Looking forward to her next course in the fall.”

    H. Demba, Ayer, From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance --A Journey Through, "The handouts were a great supplement! I like how the teacher talked about objects in the Worcester Art Museum's collection. This was a great and fun way to learn. Thank you!"

    Anonymous, From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance --A Journey Through, " Antonella is extremely knowledgeable of her subject matter. Her course is well organized with wonderful slides and handouts. A visit to a gallery to view a relevant art piece at the end of each class helps to reinforce the lecture material."

    kid having fun art class wamAnonymous, Teaching Across Cultures and Curriculums, "Appreciated two docent tours and an introduction to the library and resources. Instructor was wonderful- sharing her expertise and welcoming all to offer ideas and relevant experiences. Grateful that the instructor was supportive and enhanced studio experiences."

    Kristen Kosiba, Teaching Across Cultures and Curriculums, "This course was terrific- these projects will be used in my classroom. The professor has a gentile, positive attitude and is caring. She is also knowledgeable about the time period and has fantastic books! I really looked forward to coming to class every day- a real treat!"
    Pamela Miller, Introduction to Mosaic Andamento, "This was one of the most exceptional classes I have taken anywhere. I feel confident to continue on my own in mosaics. Perhaps more people would get interested if it had not been hidden in the category of 'sculpture.'"

    Anonymous, Intro to Mosaic Andamento, “Fantastic class- great group of women- wonderful instructor. Wonderful to be able to complete a project by the end of class! Thank you! :)"

    Anonymous, Drawing with Colored Pencils, "Enjoyed class, teacher very knowledgeable. Relaxed atmosphere."

    Anonymous, China in World History, "Very interesting course, well organized."

    Praise for WAM/Education Department

    Amie Densmne, Pomfret, CT, All Level Watercolor, "I am a life-long learner looking to work with master artists institutions only. I appreciate WAM having such and good quality students - We learn from each other. "

    Chris Sanders, Color and Light Extended, "Art classes here are one of the best things about living in Worcester. I moved out of state for a while and missed WAM classes something terrible."

    Karen Erikson, Spencer, Drawing for Educators, "WAM has a great education department both for children and adults."

    Anonymous, Teaching Across Cultures and Curriculums, "First time at WAM and thought it was very good. People are knowledgeable and Ellen was an excellent and caring instructor."

    Anonymous, Teaching Across Cultures and Curriculums, “I would take a class again. I think this class was helpful for teaching any subject."

    Hillarie Jason, Worcester, Marketing Your Art, "Great! Keep it up!"

    Anonymous, Hard to Love (And Why You Should)-- Nineteenth-Century, "Thank you! Wonderful."

    Krista Vanguilder, Beginning Drawing, "Very pleased with the overall experience. Looking forward to taking more classes with Patty."

    Lawrence Abramoff, The Art of Stone Carving, “I will be taking more classes. Fun, informative, creative."

    Anonymous, Beginning Painting, "Elaine was helpful at the Education Desk. Cheerful and encouraging."