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    teen classes

    Portfolio Builders

    Thursdays 5 PM - 8 PM

    An intensive class that provides enough time to develop skills, create portfolio-appropriate artwork, and critique with other like-minded students. Teen Thursday classes include a break for pizza*, socializing and group critiques. This is a great opportunity for college-bound artists, students looking to build their portfolios, or a new artist just looking to have some creative fun. *Course fee includes a pizza dinner.

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    Teen Thursdays generously sponsored by NEA

    DigiWAM: The Art of Video Game Design

    DigiWAM is a 1-year curriculum program that focuses on the art fundamentals needed for developing digital games. These classes seek to instill arts foundational knowledge, technique and inspiration. The courses will introduce students to character design, world design, computer illustration and game design software. All of these components are essential to the basics of video game design and execution.

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