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  • Sword Workshops at WAM!

    sword demonstration at worcester art museum

    Saturdays and Sundays 12:30 to 1:30pm
    Members $10 Nonmembers $15 per class

    Experience great educational demonstrations and workshops focused on various weaponry and self-defense through the ages and across the globe. These exciting, hands-on workshops allow participants to try out different kinds of arms and stances used by knights, samurai, and beyond!

    Call 508.793.4333 / 508.793.4334 or email transactions@worcesterart.org for details.

    Join us before your Sword Workshop for an Arms + Armor Demonstration and learn all about different kinds of arms and armor used by knights and soldiers, including Roman soldiers, Medieval knights and beyond!


    The Longsword / Saturdays / 15FASWD110 / Best suited for ages 8 to adult
    Krista Baker - In this drop-in workshop students will explore the technology and physicality of the longsword. How this weapon works is rooted in the development and interrelatedness of armor, engineering, and fighting goals. The workshop will be centered on some discussion of these points but more importantly exploring how to use a sword! This includes learning the parts of the sword, how to hold a sword and, the more exciting aspects, offensive and defensive cuts and guards.

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    The Samurai Experience / Sundays / 15FASWD308 / Suitable for all ages
    Gordon Fisher - In these workshop students will explore the truths and myths of the Samurai. Through hands-on lessons, demonstrations, and a brief history of culture and philosophy, students will gain an understanding of the martial arts used by Samurai Warriors of Japan. The Japanese martial arts were developed for the protection of family and community. Workshops will cover such topics as: the art of the sword (kenjutsu), the omote sword techniques of Katori Shinto Ryu, karate, and more.

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