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  • Art All-State 2010

    Art All-State 2010 Group Photo

    Michael Townsend, artist in residence with Art All-State

    This was the 16th year that Art All-State has welcomed tape artist in residence, Michael Townsend, to participate in the program. Townsend uses colored, low-adhesive, biodegradable artist's tape to “draw” on exterior and interior wall spaces. This year Townsend, and one other fellow tape artist, created a 25ft. Dragon on the exterior wall of the museum's Lancaster Street Entrance. Townsend conceived the art form in 1989 while he was attending Rhode Island School of Design. Upon graduating, Townsend developed tapeart with numerous collaborators. Tapeart has executed hundreds of murals across the country and internationally. Tapeart is a temporary art form; most of the murals are ripped down after twenty-four hours, and it is public art at its best, being accessible and free to all persons who pass the buildings and view the work. The tape artists are also experienced educators, giving lessons, workshops and seminars to a variety of different audiences from school children to elders, from art students and teachers to developmentally delayed and challenged youth. You can find out more about tapeart by connecting to the tapeart website at www.tapeart.com.

    The WAM Art All-State Experience

    “I wish I didn't have to go home. The people I met made me feel connected. We were all united in the similar passion of art and that makes me feel so hopeful for my future in art. Thank you so much for this experience.”
    “I feel motivated and inspired by the talented people that surround me. I feel like my art will progress because of this experience.”
    “This was an incredibly positive experience that really refined my decision to pursue art in the future.”
    “Art All-State was very organized and well put together. The artists were totally interesting and excellent, and I had an awesome time.”
    “AAS made me come out of my comfort zone, challenge myself and trust that what I love is what I should be doing.” “AAS was amazing. It gets you to think outside of yourself and make something HUGE.”