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  • Art All-State 2004

    “It was an amazing experience. Just to be able to work with kids my age, all so amazingly talented and friendly. To have different creative minds come together into one piece of artwork is so memorable and inspirational.” - Yalena Avanesova, Watertown

    “It was unlike anything I've ever done before. It was great!” -- Annie Willis, North Reading

    “Art All-State is awesome. I'd do it again anytime.” - Sean Hobin, Longmeadow

    “I learned about my voice as an artist and what/who inspired me to art.” - Carolyn Spinney, Westford

    “I am a small fish in a large sea of artists, fighting peacefully to grow.” - Robert Begin, Barre

    “I can be a leader.” - Emily Ottman, Walpole

    “I have a lot of new ideas and I feel like my eyes have been opened to new ways of thinking.” - Monica Walker, Sudbury

    “I am very proud of what I have achieved.” - Melisa Keyes, Westford

    “It's nice to know that other kids are out there who enjoy art like I do. I now know where I fit in with other young artists.” - Ghislaine Allard, Hubbardston

    “Installations are a very cool art form.” - Allie Runnion, Topsfield

    “I learned that art doesn't just have to be on paper . . . it can be anything.” - Brandan Graham, Grafton

    “I would have loved it to be longer.” - Megan Sutherland, Stoneham

    “It was an amazing and enriching experience. There is so much more about art that I didn't know before. It was incredible. The food, the people, the activities could not have been better.” - Brooke Maguire, Marblehead

    “It's like nothing else I've done in art. I am inspired to go home and create.” - Hilary Merzbacher, Norwell

    “It made me think for once.” - Jackie Kearns, Lenox

    “My ‘medium’ boundaries have been shattered. Let me come back.” - James Moore, Needham

    “It was the best experience of my life.” - Kyle Nilan, Roslindale

    “The experience makes you more willing to follow art as a profession. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere created by the artists in the studios.” - Ted Quinlan, Beverly

    “Everyone encouraged me to follow my dreams. This has given me inspiration to try new and different things.” - Jill Savery, Middlefield
    “Opportunities like this don't show up very often. It's a wonderful way to meet new people and the pressure of getting it done in time is exciting and motivating.” - Anna Garganian, Arlington

    “It was everything I anticipated and more: interesting, challenging and fun.” - Melissa Barber, Rockland

    “Being here has made me want to major in art.” - Amanda Mitchell, Franklin

    “I learned a lot about myself as a person, how I go about things, how I think, how I lead. I've learned a lot about my style and art as well. I loved being able to have a chance to experience all of this.” - Vanessa Haroutunian, Newburyport

    “Art All-State was fun, exciting, enjoyable, lovely, fantastic, boss, rad, stellar, awesome, cool, great, good, ace, neat, tubular, dynamite, friendly, positive, interesting...” - Jason Yeadon, Burlington