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  • Art All-State 2003

    “If Art School is anything like this, then I can't wait!” - Fiona Cook, Northampton

    “The experience was a turning point for me... I will look back and grow from these two days.” - David Hyland, Beverly

    “I feel like I can do anything, build anything, and I'm not afraid to do it.” - Ben Gould, Bedford

    “It's okay to be weird.” - Linda Senecal, Charlton “A fun and amazing environment and the people here are just great! If only I could come again.” - Sean Krajnik, Methuen

    “It's an awesome experience to work with other artistic kids.” - Alison Woitunski, Beverly

    “I love installations. I never knew that.” - Dan Pecci, Stoneham

    “Its a wild experience and a wonderful adventure. It really gets you out of your comfort zone. It has made me think about what I can accomplish.” - Helen Kendall, Boxford

    “Art All-State Rocks!” - Chloe Reison, Medford