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    The collections at the Worcester Art Museum span the history of American art from 1670 to the end of the twentieth century, with special strengths in colonial painting and American Impressionism. By virtue of the Museum's location in central New England and the scholarly interests of the first curators of the collection, Worcester's early American paintings include many renowned works. The Museum's holdings of American Impressionism were built largely by purchases made from the annual exhibitions of contemporary American painting held in the first two decades of the century. The Museum is also recognized for its collections of American watercolors and watercolor miniatures on ivory.

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    Anonymous Artist
    John Freake, about 1671-74
    Anonymous Artist
    Mrs. Elizabeth Freake and Baby Mary, about 1671-74
    Thomas Smith
    Self-Portrait, about 1680
    John Singleton Copley
    John Bours, about 1765-70
    High Chest of Drawers, 1760-80
    Paul Revere II
    Paine Service, 1773
    Benjamin West
    Pharaoh and His Host Lost in the Red Sea, 1792
    Charles Willson Peale
    Charles Pettit, 1792
    Edward Savage
    Liberty in the Form of the Goddess of Youth: Giving Support to the Bald Eagle, 1796
    Ralph Earl
    Looking East from Denny Hill, 1800
    Anna Sanders
    Sampler, 1801
    Gilbert Stuart
    Mrs. Perez Morton, about 1802
    Charles-Balthazar- Julien Févret De Saint-Mémin
    Thomas Jefferson, 1804
    John Vanderlyn
    Sampson Vryling Stoddard Wilder, about 1808-12
    James Peale
    Still Life, 1825
    Rembrandt Peale
    George Washington, 1827
    Samuel F. B. Morse
    The Chapel of the Virgin at Subiaco, 1830
    Edward Hicks
    The Peaceable Kingdom, about 1833
    Thomas Cole
    View on the Arno, near Florence, 1837
    Eliza Goodridge
    Stephen Salisbury III, 1838
    Thomas Crawford
    Boy Playing Marbles, 1853
    Salisbury House, Worcester, Massachusetts, about 1857
    James Abbott McNeill Whistler
    Sketch for Rose and Silver: La Princesse du Pays de la Porcelaine, 1863-64
    Matthew B. Brady
    General Robert E. Lee and Staff, 1865
    Albert Bierstadt
    Yosemite Falls, about 1865-70
    George Inness
    The Alban Hills, 1873
    Winslow Homer
    Boys and Kitten, 1873
    Winslow Homer
    The Gale, 1883-93
    John Singer Sargent
    Venetian Water Carriers, 1880-82
    John Singer Sargent
    Muddy Alligators, 1917
    Thomas Eakins
    Study of the Head of Samuel David Gross, 1875
    Eadweard Muybridge
    Jumping a hurdle; saddle; bay horse Daisy Plate 640 of Animal Locomotion, 1887
    Mary Cassatt
    The Letter, 1890-91
    Mary Cassatt
    Reine Lefebvre Holding a Nude Baby, 1902
    John La Farge
    Peacock Window, 1892-1908
    Maurice Brazil Prendergast
    Low Tide, Beachmont, about 1902-4
    Frank Benson
    Portrait of My Daughters, 1907
    Alfred Stieglitz
    The Steerage, 1907
    Arthur B. Davies
    Sleep Lies Perfect in Them, 1908
    Childe Hassam
    The Breakfast Room, Winter Morning, 1911
    Charles Sheeler
    Zinnia and Nasturtium Leaves, 1915
    Charles Sheeler
    City Interior, 1936
    George Bellows
    The White Horse, 1922
    Edward Weston
    In a Glendale Studio, 1923