Unidentified artist
Eighteenth century

Landscape (View of a Town)1, after 1753
Oil on Eastern white pine panel2
Image: 27 3/8 x 51 1/2 in. (69.5 x 130.8 cm)
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Roger Kinnicutt, 1947.18

School Street Storage Warehouse, Worcester; to Charles F. Timmins, Worcester; to Benjamin J. Tighe, Worcester; to Lincoln N. Kinnicutt about 1919; to his son Dr. Roger Kinnicutt.3

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1. This painting also has been published as Landscape (Art Institute of Chicago 1949, 19); View of a Town (Reutlinger 1975, 31); and Overmantel from an Unidentified House in Oxford, Massachusetts (Little 1952, 27). Despite Nina Fletcher Little’s assertion that the painting was from Oxford, Louisa Dresser, the Worcester Art Museum’s curator at the time of that publication, wrote, "No basis exists for associating this panel with Oxford." Margin note by Dresser in the museum’s copy of Little 1952.

2. Identification of the wood is based on a scientific analysis of the cell structure by dendrologist R. Bruce Hoadley, January 5, 2000.

3. This provenance is based on Benjamin J. Tighe to Louisa Dresser, May 29, 1947; memo prepared by Louisa Dresser, June 9, 1947; and Charles F. Timmins to Louisa Dresser, November 19, 1948. All correspondence in object file, Worcester Art Museum.