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    business partner

    The Art of Business

    Leading businesses join cultural institutions to further establish an image of corporate excellence. Participation in the Business Partner Program at the Worcester Art Museum helps you accomplish just that. We define this as the art of business.

    Your investment not only promotes your company, but aligns you with a premier cultural institution in New England, and directly impacts the very community you serve.

    "Membership at the Business Partner level is something I value both personally and professionally. The free month of admission for our employees, invitations to events and discounts are great. Add to that the visibility we get in front of thousands of people, and you can see why membership fits into our budget every year. How do I know? I've been a member since 1987 and the firm has been since 1999."
    Warner Fletcher, Fletcher Tilton P.C.

    Business Partner Levels

    Business Partner - Friend $500
    Business Partner - Member $1,000
    Business Partner - Donor $2,500
    Business Partner - Sponsors $5,000+
    Please contact Karmen Bogdesic at 508-793-4326 or karmenbogdesic@worcesterart.org to join at the Sponsor level.

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    More Information

    Current Business Partners
    Business Partner Brochure
    Business Partner Sponsorship
    Business Partner “Thank You” Advertisement

    For more information on the Business Partner Program, please contact Karmen Bogdesic at karmenbogdesic@worcesterart.org or by calling 508.799.4406 x3120.


    All Business Partners Receive:
    Unlimited general admission for cardholder and guest with :

    Friend $500
    One membership card PLUS all of the above

    Member $1,000
    Two membership cards PLUS all of the above and...

    Donor $2,500
    Three membership cards PLUS all of the above and...

    *excluding Renaissance Court and discount packages

    THANK YOU for your membership as a BUSINESS PARTNER. Your investment not only promotes your business, but directly impacts the very community you serve.